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1/2 x 12 Steel Hook Stake 4-Pack - Steel Hook Inflatable Stake


This 4-Pack of our 1/2" x 12" Steel Hook Stakes are ideal for anchoring bounce houses and inflatables. Hook stakes can be driven in flush with the ground to avoid tripping hazards to provide a safer environment around your inflatable unit. These can also be used with camping tents, pop up tents and other smaller structures. Hook stakes are made from steel to strongly secure inflatables and last through multiple seasons of use.


Shipping Dimensions 1/2" Diameter; 12" Long
Weight 4 lb
Metal Type Steel
Stake Head Type 2" Hook
Additional Information Uses: Anchoring Inflatables, Tents, Tent side walls, anything that can be anchored in to the ground.
Current Stock:
Shipping Cost: $4.99 (Fixed Shipping Cost)
Weight: 4.00 LBS
Width: 24.00
Height: 6.00
Depth: 6.00
MPN: PB-BT-12-12HSTK-4

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