Choosing Commercial Inflatables

by Pogo Bounce House

Do you need a bounce house or other inflatable that is going to be in use on a daily basis? If yes, then make sure you purchase a commercial quality unit. The biggest customers for commercial quality inflatables are party rental businesses and family entertainment centers. The units they use are repeatedly set-up, packed up, set-up again and used for several hours per day.

If you are purchasing an inflatable that is going to be used heavily you need one that is constructed of quality materials and stitched with stress points in mind. The safety of children and adults using the bounce house or other inflatable should also be a concern. Look for a unit that is made of a very strong PVC vinyl and is stitched to withstand heavy use. If you are purchasing a water slide or another inflatable that uses water, find out if there are vinyl strips over the seams to prevent water from penetrating into the unit. Lead and PHT free vinyl is important for the safety of those using the inflatable as well as non-slip vinyl on units that use water.

Consider the weight of a unit when you are planning for a delivery and set-up crew and choosing equipment to have on your delivery trucks. Commercial quality bounce houses usually weigh over 250 pounds and a combo unit with a slide adds at least another 100 pounds. Large obstacle course could weigh over 500 pounds. Two or more people are needed to move and set-up large inflatables as well as hand trucks.