Swing Into Spring With Our Interactive Golf Games

by Pogo Bounce House

Pogo Mini Golf Inflatable

Golf is one of the most popular summertime sports for kids and adults alike. As soon as the snow melts, golf enthusiasts are heading out to the driving ranges to practice their golf swing for the upcoming season. But rather than go to a golf place to practice your swing, why not bring the driving range to your home?

Our Miniature Golf Interactive Inflatable Sports Game is the perfect home driving range activity. With 4 holes to practice shooting the ball through, this fun interactive unit will help any avid golfer refine their swinging skills in a brightly designed interactive unit.

For parents, our golf interactive inflatable is a great way to spend quality time with your children. Rather than sitting in front of the TV, simply set up the golf inflatable structure and enjoy an evening of fun bonding time while playing your favorite game.

Having your own personal golf inflatable in your home is a great activity for rainy days, family gatherings, birthdays and play dates. Your children will have fun as they enjoy practicing their golf skills with friends and family members in the comfort of their own home.

Our inflatables are made with the best vinyl on the market. The seams are reinforced for extra durability. Our units are easy to set up, take down and take up very little storage space.

If you're looking for something a little smaller but just as fun, try out Golf Challenge Interactive Carnival Frame Game. This fun interactive frame game gives avid golfers a chance to try their skills against a flat game board by hitting Velcro covered golf balls onto a golf course backdrop. Each area of the bold golf course design is worth a different number of points which can be used improve your swing or just enjoy a little friendly competition with friends and family.

There are many financial and personal benefits to buying an inflatable golf game unit or frame game for your home. These units save you money while providing an at-home stimulating activity for your children.

Our games and inflatables not only help get kids moving, they also help develop many essential skills such as movement, coordination and problem solving. Children also develop stronger cardiovascular systems, bones and muscles while improving their flexibility and endurance.

Golf is a game that many families enjoy playing. With our golf inflatable unit and golf frame game, you can practice your swing all year long. At Pogo Bounce House we have great golf interactives that are the perfect games for your home.