Motorized Plush African Elephant Ride On Toy - Coin Operated Electric Animal Scooter

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Motorized Plush African Elephant Ride On Toy - Coin Operated Electric Animal Scooter 

This fun ride on African elephant is sure to make you smile! This motorized ride on plush elephant is made for all ages to have hours of fun! With a battery life of six to eight hours and a rechargeable battery, the fun will never end on this motorized scooter. Each of our electric animal scooters are token operated for your convenience, making them easy to control for parties and businesses. With any purchase of an electronic animal scooter, fifty coins will be included free of charge. The fun with our electric elephant doesn’t stop there. You are able to set the length of time per token from one to nineteen minutes. You can even choose what music you want to listen to while you ride from dozens of available songs! Each motorized plush animal scooter comes with an SD card slot allowing you to access your own music instead of using the preloaded tunes that come standard with each plush motorized toy.  This motorized ride-on elephant is sure to make your next adventure tons of fun, whether your guests are children, or just a child at heart! Motorized plush animal scooters are great for: birthday parties, fairs, mall ride rentals, amusement parks, camps or corporate events. The possibilities are endless when you own a ride on stuffed animal toy.


Shipping: Ships from USA
Material: steel frame, fireproof plush product 
Packing size: 47 x 35 x 28 inches
Weight: 69 lbs
Bearing Capacity: 250lbs (parents can seat with their kids)
Playground: indoor/outdoor play
Color available: many
Style: coin operated/non-coin operated 
Diameter range of token:18-30mm
Thickness range of token:1.2-2.7mm
Dimension of coin box:14*11*11cm
Counter: up to 100000
Speed: 40-70m/min.
Function: forward/backward/left/right
Coin: 1 to 9 coins
Setting time: 1 to 19 minutes 
Main spare parts: control box, motor, coin selector, etc
Battery: re-chargeable
Charger: 12V/20A charger, one charger for one machine
Battery: 12v/22A charge6 to 8 hours, working 8 hours
Music box: Dozens of songs (memory card)
Wheel: one 6" and three 4" wheel, stable and durable
Minimum age to ride this machine: 4
Charging time:6-8 hours, can use for 6-8 hours

Frequently Asked Questions:

1. What are motorized animal rides?
Animal rides are motorized scooters with adorable animal coverings. They allow children and adults to ride around on their favorite animals. They are operated on tokens making them easy to control and manipulate. They look like adorable animals, but move like electric scooters, creating hours of endless fun. They even play music while moving making them perfect for all types of events and parties.

2. Why should I purchase a motorized animal?
Motorized animals are an easy investment that can produce a profit for your business. They are becoming more and more popular among people of all ages. They are already a huge hit in shopping malls, but they have the potential to be so much bigger. Motorized animals are also the perfect way to diversify your inventory for businesses looking to sell new products. They are sure to take any event to the next level, whether it be a birthday, graduation or anything in between!

3. Why should I use token-operated motorized animals?
In order to operate our token-operated motorized animals, you must insert a token to start the machine. This allows you to set the length of time per ride and the number of tokens required from 1-9 tokens for 1-19 minutes. Most customers find this method the easiest way control the use of their motorized animals choose coin system for events and parties with multiple people wanting to ride.

4. Where are popular places motorized animals are used?
Motorized animals are often seen in shopping malls, parks, arcades, and game centers. However, it is becoming more and more popular for people to rent motorized animals for various types of parties and events. Some businesses also purchase motorized animals to resell them.

5. What kinds of tokens or coins are needed to operate the motorized animals?
The machine has an installed CPU coin acceptor. You can set a sample of any coin or token in the coin acceptor, and the machine will work when it identifies the same coins or tokens as the sample. This allows any business to personalize the machine to their own coins or token. As long as the diameter of the token or coin is 18mm~30mm, and the thickness is 1.5mm~3mm, you can use it. We will include fifty tokens with every motorized animal purchase for your convenience.

6. How long can you set a ride to be?
You can set one to nine coins to be worth one to nineteen minutes of riding time.

7. What type of battery does a motorized animal have?
The battery is 12V, 22A. When fully charged it can be used for six to eight hours, however, the battery is rechargeable.

8. What is the maximum capacity for our motorized animals?
Our motorized animals can hold approximately 220 pounds. This allows parents to be able to ride with young children.

9. What is the motorized animal’s working voltage?
They can work at both 220V and 110V.

10. On what types of surfaces will the motorized animals ride on?
The motorized animals will work best on flat surfaces such as indoor floors and pavement.

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