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Replacement Blower Tube for Inflatables

Extend the life of your favorite inflatable unit by replacing worn, torn or leaky blower tubes; or add an additional blower tube to older units that now need a second blower to stay firmly inflated. This heavy duty vinyl blower tube is designed to be sewn onto any vinyl bounce house or inflatable unit. This blower tube will fit almost any blower between 1-HP and 3-HP. Adjustable strap permanently sewn onto blower tube makes it easy to tighten up the tube and minimize air loss.


Shipping Dimensions 7" x 7" x 12" (Shipping Dimensions)
Weight 2 lbs
Warranty 30 days free of manufacturing defects.
Additional Information
  • Manufactured from commercial quality vinyl and other materials.
  • Heavy duty, reinforced stitching.
  • Standard length blower tube with square mounting plate
  • Color may vary.
Current Stock:
Shipping Cost: $20.00 (Fixed Shipping Cost)
Weight: 2.00 LBS
Width: 20.00
Height: 6.00
Depth: 12.00
GTIN: 750022452614

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