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Inflatable Dollies & Movers

Commercial Inflatable Dollies, Movers & Bounce House Hand Trucks for Sale


Simplify Your Heavy Move: Heavy Duty Dollies and Hand Trucks

A commercial bounce house or a big inflatable water slide can weigh hundreds of pounds. It’s not the sort of thing you want to try and lift by yourself, by hand. And even if you do have help, it’s still going to be a nightmare trying to get it from a truck or van to a yard and then back again.

For those of you who want to avoid an impending lifetime of lower back pain, we suggest getting one of our heavy duty hand trucks! Perfect for moving commercial inflatables, we have a wide range of dollies and hand trucks to choose from, including utility carts, push carts, carts with carpeted surfaces, and more!

Each heavy duty hand truck we offer has a tremendous load capacity and can handle moving commercial inflatables around. And you’ll surely find a whole host of other applications and uses for your cart, dolly, or truck as well.These are essentially furniture moving dollies and will be great for moving from one home to another, or bringing stacks of boxes out to your garage, or whatever other uses you think up.

Our hand truck experts are standing by at 1-888-673-4273, anxious to help you find the perfect dollies and hand trucks for your needs. Give Pogo a call today!