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Inflatable Setup & Take Down

Commercial Inflatable Setup & Take Down Equipment


Commercial Grade Bounce House Stakes, Sand Bags, and Anchors

Anchoring your bounce house, inflatable water slide, obstacle course, or inflatable game to the ground is singularly the most important safety measure you can deploy when dealing with commercial inflatables. Even on a perfectly calm summer day, freak winds can wreak havoc on your inflatables. There’s no such thing, ever, as overdoing it with your anchoring.

Pogo prioritizes child safety over every other facet of our business, and bounce house stakes, sand bags, ratchet straps, and anchors all play huge roles in ensuring that safety. We only sell anchoring products we’d personally use with equipment our own children are playing in.

Learn more about Pogo’s commitment to safety and our anchoring products, including sand bags, water bags, bounce house stakes, ratchet straps, sledge hammers, and more. Call our experts at 1-888-673-4273 and we’ll help you find the perfect anchors for your commercial inflatables or crossover inflatables.