How Do You Anchor A Bounce House Indoors?

How Do You Anchor A Bounce House Indoors?

There’s no denying that bounce houses are a great way to keep kids entertained, but as we’re moving into the colder months, you might think that the season for enjoying them has come to a close. 

Here at Pogo Bounce House, we’re happy to tell you that it’s far from over! While most people think of the outdoors when considering bounce houses, it is possible to set up an indoor bounce house that’s just as fun. 

There are also some perks that come along with setting up a bounce house indoors. First of all, you don’t have to worry about tamping down your grass and ruining it. Second of all, there’s no wind indoors - you don’t have to worry about your bounce house blowing away!

But, while there might not be any wind, for safety’s sake it’s still necessary to anchor your bounce house before your kids jump in it. We’ll explain how to do that later in the article. But, as long as you have the space and you set your bounce house up on level terrain (less than 5% slope), it’s possible to set it up in playrooms, garages, gymnasiums, and auditoriums. 

Anchoring Your Bounce House

The purpose behind anchoring your bounce house is to prevent it from blowing away or tipping over. Since there’s no wind inside, it’s very unlikely that your bounce house will blow away. Tipping isn’t as big of a risk in playrooms as it is outside, since only smaller bounce houses (with a lower risk of tipping) will fit in such rooms, but it is a safety measure to keep in mind for bigger bounce houses that fit in auditoriums and gyms. 

If you’re setting up an indoor bounce house in your garage, an auditorium, or a gymnasium, obviously there’s no way you can place stakes in the ground to keep it stable. So, how do you anchor a bounce house indoors?

That's where sandbags come in. (Check out our 4-pack of blue sandbags!) Sandbags will anchor your indoor bounce house and keep it from shifting or tipping, and you can rest assured that your little jumpers are safe.

The Protective Layer

There’s only one location where your bounce house won’t need a protective layer placed underneath it, and that’s if it’s being placed on carpet. If your child’s playroom is carpeted, that provides enough of protection underneath the bounce house, so you won’t have to spend time thinking about another layer. 

If you’re placing your indoor bounce house in the garage, on a hardwood floor, or on the hard floor of a gymnasium or auditorium, though, you’ll need a layer underneath - usually in the form of a tarp. Make sure the tarp is large enough to cover the bottom of your bounce house and that it’s durable enough to protect the bottom of the bounce house from the surface it’s resting on. 

Using a Bounce House Indoors

There are a couple things to remember if you plan on using your bounce house indoors. First of all, if you’re placing the bounce house in a playroom, you’ve got to make sure the ceilings are high enough to accommodate the bounce house of your choosing. You’ve also got to make sure that the room is big enough to accommodate space for the sandbag anchors. 

A few smaller bounce houses that Pogo stocks that will fit in a playroom include:

We also offer larger bounce houses that, while they might not fit inside a playroom, can be extremely fun for kids when used in a gymnasium or auditorium. A few examples of these larger bounce houses include: 

Bounce House In Your Garage

The garage is one of the best places for a bounce house. It’s out of the way, there’s plenty of space, and there aren’t any breakables to fret about. We’re excited to say that you’ll have no problem setting up your bounce house in the garage, and your kids will have no problem using it in that location. That is, as long as your garage is big enough and the ceiling is high enough. 

Since garage floors are not known for their softness, you’ll need to place a tarp underneath the bounce house and remember to anchor it with sandbags. 

Pogo Bounce Houses

At Pogo, we want your children to have fun all year round, and setting up bounce houses indoors is the perfect way to make that happen. To learn more about our products, check out our website today

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