How to Make a Slip and Slide Slippery, the Safe Way

How to Make a Slip and Slide Slippery, the Safe Way

How Do You Make an Inflatable Slip and Slide More Slippery?

It goes without saying that being slippery is an important attribute for any good slip and slide. And inflatable slip and slides start out pretty slippery right out of the box. But it helps to know how to make a slip and slide even more slippery. And it’s especially good to know the safest way of accomplishing that goal, too.

The most popular method involves adding soap to your slip and slide, but there’s a problem: Using soap isn't actually a good idea, especially with a vinyl inflatable slip and slide. Some soaps can damage your inflatable slip and slide, or worse … they can injure the people using that slip and slide. We obviously don’t want any of that going on!

Flying face-first down an inflatable slip and slide unpleasantly exposes your eyes and mouth to soapy suds. But there's good news: if you own an inflatable slip and slide, chances are you don't need to add soap at all!

Wet It and Forget It!

A child enjoying a rainbow inflatable slip and slide

Right out of the box, an inflatable slip and slide from Pogo Bounce House is going to offer up a good time. Just set it up, connect a garden hose, and you’re slipping and sliding in no time. The vinyl is already slippery. Just connect a garden hose to the inflatable slip and slide's water bladder system, give it time to get good and wet, and you're all set. The trick to making an inflatable slip and slide more slippery is to simply make sure it's wet. That's all there is to it.

We strongly recommend you do not use soap on an inflatable water slide. But if you insist on doing it, at least make sure you're using the least dangerous kind of soap you can. Avoid soaps with detergents, chlorine, or bleach. Tear-free baby soap or Original Dawn dish soap are your best options. Though again, we can't stress enough that your Pogo inflatable slip and slide doesn't need anything added to it to be slippery.

When you’re all done using your slip and slide, be sure to clean it thoroughly as well. Read this helpful guide on how to clean a bounce house; the steps are identical for an inflatable slip and slide or an inflatable water slide. And please make sure your slip and slide is as dry as possible before storing it to avoid mold and mildew.

The Best Slip and Slides are Super Slippery!

We carry both consumer grade vinyl crossover and commercial inflatable slip and slides, so please browse your options and find the one that’s best for your family. And if you need help choosing your new slip and slide, please don’t hesitate to give us a call at 716-566-5806. We can help you find inflatables, inflatable accessories, and more!

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