Add the word fun to your company's reputation with our colorful inflatable slip and splash slide rides from Pogo Bounce House. Adults and kids can slide down the cushioned water-misted commercial slides in backyards, in parks or at community fairs.

There's no climbing involved; customers simply start at one end and slide to the other on a straight or downhill path. Lengths range from 25 ft. to 35 ft.

Fun Slip And Splash Slide Designs

Our commercial inflatable splash and slide rides are all about the extras. Our 25-ft. long Blue Marble Inflatable Slip and Splash Slide has wave designs on the sides and inflated rainbows overhead to slip and splash slide beneath and through along the way.

All our slip and splash inflatables have built-in misting systems that connect to an ordinary hose to keep the surface wet. The Blue Marble commercial inflatable comes with a powerful air mower to keep your ride inflated for as long as you want to operate the attraction.

Inflated palm trees rise from our 35-ft. long Tropical Marble Dual Lane Inflatable Slip and Splash Slide, which has two lanes to allow two people to slide along its water-misted length at the same time. Make it a race with prizes for the winner. A commercial-grade air blower is included with each Slip and Splash Slide ride.

The bright colors that make up the design of all our commercial inflatable slip and splash rides make these attention-getting attractions. For big venues with lots of space, consider adding one of our commercial inflatable water slides to the layout for maximum, extra memorable fun.

Safety-First Features

Our built-in safety features on all our commercial-duty splash and slide inflatables have made us the go-to source for rental businesses and fair venues. Triple-stitching and reinforcements at all stress points keep these rides safe and durable. You won't face expensive repairs like you might with lesser inflatables that are more prone to costly rips and tears.

All our inflatable slip and splash rides comply with ASTM (material safety) and CPSC (consumer safety) guidelines. Some are state-certified to meet extra safety standards. All comply with the Lead-Free Toys Act. These inflatables are phthalate-free and comply with national fire prevention rules.