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Zorb Balls—The Inflatable Human Hamster Ball is On the Rise!

Zorbing—the act of using a zorb ball—is one of the fastest growing sectors of the commercial inflatables landscape, and with good reason: these things are insanely fun for children and adults alike!

On paper, zorb balls are simple in design. A user climbs inside, plugging the access holes with special donuts, and then rolls around almost anywhere they feel like rolling. A grassy or snowy field or hill, a pool, a specialized obstacle course … there aren’t many limits to where you can take your zorb ball.

On dry land, you can use your zorb ball to walk, run, and roll. It’s a fun year-round alternative to sledding; you can take your zorb ball down any hill someone would rationally think is safe for sledding, so long as there’s nothing on the hill to damage it. On flat ground you can play zorb bumper ball. And with the entry hole(s) plugged, it transforms into an inflatable water walking ball!

Party rental businesses around the world have been investing in zorb balls for a few simple reasons: they’re affordable, they’re easy to use, and customers adore them! Get in on the zorbing craze today with a high quality commercial grade TPU or PVC zorb ball and experience the human bubble phenomenon.

Call Pogo’s zorbing experts today at 1-888-673-4273 and we’ll help you pick out the perfect giant human hamster balls for your commercial needs!