Our trademarked Crossover backyard bounce houses and other Crossover inflatables by Pogo Bounce House are built to commercial-level standards, but for residential use only. You won't find our exclusive Crossover line of superior-quality Crossover bounce houses anywhere else. Your kids deserve the very best.

All-in-One Bounce House Kits

Each of our Pogo Bounce House backyard bounce houses is an all-in-one kit that include a high-quality blower that plugs in to inflate your bounce house, a protective vinyl mat to protect the ground beneath your bouncer, ground stakes, a sturdy storage bag and more. Kids love our themed bounce house designs, including our Crossover Sports Double Water Slide Bounce House Backyard Party Package.

This ball sports bounce house has four oversized inflated balls on top: a football, basketball, soccer ball and baseball. Inside the bounce house is a basketball hoop. There's an inflatable slide with landing pool on either side of this colorful Crossover sports bounce house.

The Crossover Advantage

Our trademarked vinyl Crossover inflatables bridge the gap between ordinary retail inflatables and commercial inflatables. They are made with extra durable PVC vinyl similar to the vinyl used in our commercial bounce houses. They are made with multiple layers of vinyl at stress areas with double or triple stitching to strengthen each inflatable.

Crossover inflatables resist rips and tears better than ordinary bounce houses - and at our affordable prices. Our exclusive Crossover inflatable line is also super safe for kids, with finger-save ripstop PVC netting that allows visibility without compromising safety. We use trademarked No-Jump Top technology to ensure your kids are safely seated when using bounce houses with inflatable slides. Most of our inflatable backyard slides can be used wet or dry.

See our full line of Crossover vinyl bounce houses and inflatable slide sets that will captivate your children for hours at a time. Throw the best kids' parties with our colorful bounce houses. Choose a princess-theme Crossover bounce house with pink and purple castle turrets. Or, delight the kids with a rainbow-theme bounce house with slides, splash pools and ball pits.

Our Crossover Rainbow Slip 'n Slide Backyard Party Package is a 25-feet long inflatable for kids to slip and slide their way to a full day of fun. All you have to do is connect the built-in bladder misting system to an ordinary garden hose to make a splash with your family.