6' x 24' Water Resistant Wood Pile Poly Tarp Cover

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Our Moose Supply Water Resistant Wood Pile Poly Tarp Covers are designed for covering woodpiles/firewood piles, construction, landscaping, and as ground covers. These medium-duty poly tarps are constructed with a strong 10 x 10 cross weave that is 5 mil thick, utilizing a triple layer system of woven and laminated polyethylene that has heat-sealed edges and rope-reinforced hems to provide top-notch strength and durability.

These poly tarp covers were designed for all-weather use with rust-resistant aluminum grommets approximately every 3 feet. These tarps are laminated to resist water, tears, and mildew and feature arctic flexibility, making them able to stand up to the toughest of cold weather conditions.

Disclaimer: All of the tarp sizes are "Cut Sizes" - the industry standard. The "Finished Size" is usually 6" shorter on each side. For example, a 25' x 33' tarp has a Finished Size of 24' 6" x 32' 6."