1.5 HP Zoom XLT MAX Blower

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Our new, top-of-the-line Zoom MAX 1.5 HP Blower is the next step in constant air blower engineering, with features that can't be found on any other inflatable blower.

It has a rotational, or roto, mold housing that is thicker, more environmentally friendly, and more durable to both physical and UV sun damage than the standard blow molding used by our Zoom XLT blowers and most other manufacturers. There is additional material in the high-stress areas, making them more impact-resistant than any other commercial blower on the market, as well as resisting fading and deterioration caused by the sun's rays. The materials used in the construction of our MAX blowers are more easily recyclable than other blowers, and use fewer chemicals for the molding process.

There are multiple new upgrades that have been added to our new and premium blower that are explicitly designed to make everything about them more straightforward and more convenient to use, whether you just need one for a personal bouncer or to run a thriving party rental business. The built-in cord wrap lets you store this blower without needing a tie or awkwardly bundling the power cable, as the lighted cord plug has a molded clip to allow you to keep your cord tight.

There is also a lighted power switch that's sealed and completely waterproof, along with a newly designed base. We've listened to your suggestions, and the Zoom MAX blower base is broader and more stable, preventing tip-overs that can happen in high wind or foot traffic. For even more security, there are also stake holes molded to accept 1/2" diameter hook stakes that can be driven into the ground. This increased stability makes the stacking design on both this and the Zoom XLT blower more viable for storage. Don't worry if you already have XLT blowers either, as the MAX blowers can stack onto all of the XLT blowers as well (up to 4 vertically stacked blowers).

You can add this to your current inventory seamlessly, especially with our careful consideration as to the specifications of the Zoom MAX. Our 1.5 HP MAX blower is interchangeable with the 1.5 HP XLT blower, having been tested side by side with our Zoom XLTs, and they keep the low amperage draw that is favored by our commercial customers. This is also compatible with the Zoom Deflator, as the clips are the same as the same horsepower XLT blowers.

ETL Listed Both US and Canada - One Blower for Both Countries