White Commercial Vinyl Sandbag for Inflatables, 2 Pack

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Commercial inflatable bounce houses and slide combos are great units to set up outside. They are easily secured to the ground by staking them. What if you want to bring that unit indoors for space within a school, daycare, or gymnasium? How do you secure that unit so it's not moving around with young kids inside? That's where our commercial-grade sandbags are your best friend.

Our commercial-grade Sandbags set the industry standard for quality and durability and are the perfect solution for anchoring inflatables indoors and on other hard surfaces. These vinyl sandbags are simply a must-have for inflatable bounce house rental companies and businesses, allowing them the versatility of taking their units from the soft grass outside and into indoor play spaces. This ability offers expanded options for rental companies in accommodating new customer's needs and that means more profit in your pocket.

Our Vinyl Sandbags are constructed from 18-ounce vinyl and double stitched for durability. They come with D-rings sewn right into the unit for easy tie-downs and come with attached handles for each transport. Each bag can carry a minimum of 50 lb. of sand and what makes these sandbags better than more economical options is that they are reusable and reliable. Why pay for a cheap product that will rip and tear easily, leaving a mess of leaking sand all over to clean up and then having to replace the bags multiple times a season? Make the smart choice and invest in a product that is going to stand up over constant usage and pay for itself over the long term.

Please Note: Sandbags do not come already filled with sand.