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Vinyl Crossover Inflatables

Crossover Inflatable Bounce Houses, Slides, Obstacle Courses & More!

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Bridging the Gap: Consumer and Commercial Inflatables

What’s the difference between a regular consumer grade inflatable and our commercial inflatables and vinyl bounce houses for sale? In most cases you can sum it up in two simple words: build quality.

A consumer grade bounce house isn’t meant to be used daily and couldn’t withstand the rigors of heavy commercial use. Meanwhile, a big commercial bounce house is more difficult to operate and often costs substantially more than what your typical family can afford.

With our crossover vinyl inflatables, Pogo is bridging the gap between consumer and commercial inflatables. Our bounce houses and inflatable games are made from high quality inflatable vinyl material that’s several times stronger than nylon, with reinforced stress points and commercial-grade stitching throughout each unit.

If you’re looking for a lightweight commercial bouncer to pop up in a pinch, or a heavy duty inflatable your whole neighborhood can enjoy, Pogo’s vinyl crossovers are perfect for your needs!

Give Pogo a call at 1-888-673-4273 and speak with an inflatable vinyl bounce house expert today!