About Pogo Bounce House

Pogo is the place to go for all things fun. We’re a wholesale and retail distributor of high-quality, fun, and cool bounce houses, inflatable water slides, carnival games, obstacle courses, and so much more. Whether you’re throwing a party or simply upgrading your backyard, we’re the company to call.

There are many companies that offer only a specific kind of inflatable, or inflatables meant for only young kids, or only for big kids. But, at Pogo, there’s something for everyone.

We offer lightweight residential inflatables for little kids who are ready to bounce to their heart’s content and get the wiggles out - these are our “Backyard Kids'' inflatables. For the bigger kids, we’ve got “Crossover” inflatables that can handle more weight and more intense play. No matter the age of your child, they’re sure to have the most fun in one of our inflatables.

Both of these options are great alternatives if you’re not looking to invest a large sum of money in commercial inflatables - but, if you are looking for a worthwhile investment regarding commercial inflatables, we’ve got what you need there, too.

As for our traditional commercial inflatables, they are suitable for all ages. They are built with heavy-duty, sturdy vinyl that is meant for long-term use. Whether you’re looking for:
  • Inflatable water slides
  • Bounce houses
  • Combos (slides + bounce houses, with wet and dry options)
  • Slip and splash slides
  • Obstacle courses
  • Inflatable games
  • Inflatable tube men
We’ve got the inventory that you need.

At Pogo, our inflatables are not just fun, they’re also constructed with the utmost level of safety. The vinyl they’re crafted with is high-quality, durable, and safe, and each inflatable comes with a set of stakes to secure them to the ground and make sure that your children have fun responsibly.

Pogo’s inflatables are fun and safe, but we forgot to mention one thing - they’re also incredibly easy to set up and tear down. We’ve made them as light as possible while still ensuring they’re durably constructed, and setup can typically be completed by just one or two people. Each unit comes with a blower that inflates the bounce house/slide/etc., so all you have to do is put it in place and watch it come to life.

There are so many ways that our inflatables can enrich your children’s lives. Interested in investing in one for your backyard or next big party? Get in touch with Pogo today