Inflatable Patch Kits

Commercial Inflatable Vinyl Patch Repair Kits for Sale


Be ready for any rips and tears to your commercial inflatables with an inexpensively priced bounce house repair kit for bouncy houses, inflatable water slides and more. Our commercial inflatable and bounce house vinyl patch repair kits include vinyl repair tape by the foot, seam rollers and all-in-one inflatables vinyl patch kits.

Don't risk not having your inventory ready to use. Stock up on the vinyl bounce house patches and repair kits you need to keep your inflatables rental business ready for the next customers.

For inflatables or party tent repairs, use versatile PatchAll clear polyurethane tape for on-the-spot repairs on flat or irregular surfaces. We also have commercial seam rollers, and we carry professional-grade vinyl repair tape kits with seam rollers included.

We have HH-66 vinyl cement in assorted sizes. Our all-in-one PVC vinyl inflatables repair kit is ideal for patching damaged Zorb balls or other inflatables. This kit includes vinyl patches, adhesive glue, a repair valve and carrying case. For all fabrics but vinyl, buy our Tear Aid fabric repair kits designed for awnings, sails, boat covers and more. Shop our wide selection today for all your repair kit needs.