Dunk Tanks

Save on #1 Commercial Dunk Tanks for Sale

Our commercial dunking booths with accessories are sure-fire money makers on carnival midways, at community fairs and as neighborhood block party rentals. These trailer-mounted dunk tanks are easy to move from one event to another, and it takes two minutes to set up and position one for all-day play.

At fundraisers, clients can charge what they want for the chance to dunk a neighbor, a school kid or a local celebrity. Charge one price for a one-ball toss, or a higher price for the opportunity to take aim with three balls. They are rental fleet favorites, because each portable dunk tank can generate plenty of money - and lots of fun - at any organized event.

Smartest Dunk Tank Designs

Our Wingless EZ Dunker has fold-away canvas arms on a compact base that makes this dunk tank easy to move and store between rentals. When you're ready to set it up, fold out the top and bottom arms, and slide the canvas backdrop into place. Choose from a number of bright solid colors.

Each dunk tank is 10 ft. 6 in. wide, 8 ft. tall and 6 ft. 9 in. deep. Our dunk tank has a 500-gallon polyethylene tank and a vinyl-coated steel protective cage. The high-density seat is UV-resistant. Each dunk tank has a 250-lb. weight capacity. Your dunking booth kit includes one large target, one small target, three balls and a standard yellow bullseye target canvas.

Dunk Tank Accessories and Replacement Parts

Find all the commercial-quality dunking booth replacement parts and accessories you need in our dunk tank parts collection. We have replacement dunking booth axles and ball bungee sets. Our dunking booth throwing balls are bright yellow poly plastic balls that are each 4 in. in diameter. The dimpled design helps customers throw straight when aiming at the bullseye. Keep extras on hand, because you don't want to find yourself without having plenty on hand when you set up an always-popular dunk tank.

See our collection of replacement dunking booth seat bumpers, dunk tank bulkhead fittings, replacement booth cages and more. Change out the canvas backings on your dunk tank with an easily interchangeable Man-Eating Shark canvas or Splash canvas with bright blue and white wave action depicted on the material. We also carry replacement bullseye target yellow canvas backdrops.