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Inflatable Bounce Houses

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Looking for a Bounce House for Sale? Try the Bounce House Pros!

We’re going to step out on a limb here and guess that you’re not just looking for a random bounce house for sale. You’re looking for the bounce house for sale. The bounce house that’s safe enough not just for your customers, but for your own kids too. The bounce house that’s made with commercial quality, so it stands up to constant rental abuse. The bounce house that’s as fun as it is functional, as pretty as it is perfect.

That bounce house for sale just got a whole lot easier to find. Welcome to Pogo Bounce House, a company that prides itself on selling the very best commercial bounce houses you can find. Each commercial bounce house for sale at Pogo is safe, reliable, rental-ready, and insanely fun. The bounce house you’re looking for? The one that fulfills all of those goals? You just found it!

The Toughest Bounce House on the Block

At Pogo, we understand the sort of abuse bounce houses are subjected to. A commercial bounce house puts up with a lot more than a consumer grade one. They get dumped into the truck and rocked around. Kids occasionally sneak in with their shoes on. Your bounce house will go through more in a single day than a consumer bounce house would in several weeks.

At Pogo, each bounce house we sell is crafted from layered, high quality commercial grade vinyl. From a simple rainbow bouncer to a gorgeous full sized princess bounce house, each bouncy castle we offer boasts heavy stress point reinforcement, commercial grade threading, heat welding, and exhaustive in-field testing.

And don’t forget our Pogo Promise, which ensures that we do everything in our power to provide our products with the absolute highest level of safety possible. The bounce houses for sale on our site are fully compliant with ASTM and CPSC guidelines. They’re phthalate-free and fully compliant with both the Lead-Free Toys Act and California’s Proposition 65, too. And each of our bounce houses meets or exceeds NFPA 701 and CPAI 84 fire codes.

The Perfect Bounce House is just a Few Clicks (or a Phone Call) Away!

Ready to learn more? Call one of our inflatable bounce house specialists today at 1-888-673-4273 and see how Pogo Bounce House can help give you a competitive edge with our huge selection of bounce houses for sale!