Inflatable Repair Kits & Parts

Commercial Inflatable Repair Kits, Parts & Accessories for Sale

Use our commercial bounce house inflatable repair kits, sewing needles for inflatables repairs and commercial-use vinyl repair patches from Pogo Bounce House for quick, affordable and efficient repairs of damaged inflatables inventory.

Needles and Threads

Repair rips and tears with our specially designed sewing equipment. We have curved needles and straight needles, as well as thread spools, for repairs of commercial inflatables. Buy what you need, or buy specialty inflatables puncture repair kits.

Our Speedy Stitcher Sewing Awl Kit includes a hand tool that you can use to repair inflatable bounce houses, leather or other heavy-duty materials. The kit, a staple of bounce house rental companies, includes the sewing awl, 14 yards of high-tensile waxed polyester thread, 180 yards of additional thread and four custom-made diamond point needles.

Two needles are curved, and two are straight. A user's guide is included with this Made-in-America kit designed to quickly sew up and seal punctures or rips.

Adhesives and Patches

We carry adhesive vinyl cement to close and seal rips or tears in commercial inflatables. Choose 4-oz. cans or gallon-sized containers. We have vinyl repair tape by the roll, and precision commercial-grade seam rollers to seal your commercial inflatable bouncers, games and inflatable rides.

Our Pro Bounce House Repair Kit includes a 4-oz. can of premium HH66 vinyl cement glue, a seam roller and nine commercial-grade 15-oz. PVC vinyl patches in nine popular colors. A carrying case is included for quick, on-the-go repairs of bounce houses or inflatable water slides.

Buy individual vinyl repair patches in the size you want and the color you need to patch your inflatables.