Weekender Frame Tents

Save on Weekender West Coast frame-style event tents from Pogo Bounce House. We offer a variety of sizes in these tents with metal frames for residential or commercial use. Because these tents do not rely on a center pole, there's more space inside for event guests and more easily configured table or row seating.

Choose PE Weekender West Coast frame tents or PVC-top framed tents. PE tents are made with coated polyethylene. PVC tents are made with polyvinyl chloride. Both are sturdy, durable materials. Both are popular outdoor tent materials.

PE Weekender West Coast Framed Event Tents

Our PE Weekender West Coast framed event tents have water-resistant polyethylene (PE) covers that block up to 90% of the sun. All tops have sidewall ropes to attach optional sidewalls. The rust-resistant galvanized steel frames have strong metal connectors. These steel-framed party tents come with installation hardware and storage bags, along with installation guides and tent care manuals. Our Weekender West Coast PE event tents are ideal for recreational or short-term commercial uses.

Choose a 10-ft. by 10-ft. standard PE event tent in white, red, blue, green or yellow. We have 10-ft. by 20-ft. PE Weekender West Coast frame party tents, and tents in 20-ft. by 30-ft. and 20-ft. by 40-ft. sizes.

PVC Weekender West Coast Framed Party Tents

Choose PVC Weekender West Coast framed tents in sizes ranging from 10-ft. by 20-ft. to 20-ft. by 40-ft. These solid-color and striped canopies have galvanized steel frames, as well as Schedule 40 steel pipe fittings with zinc plating.

The PVC canopy is waterproof and UV-resistant. It stands up to mold, mildew and flames. Polyester sidewall ropes allow for the addition of sidewalls. Our 20-ft. by 40-ft. tent can accommodate 67 people for a sit-down dinner, 160 people for a cocktail party or business meet-and-greet, or 100 people for row seating.

Free Setup Guides

See our free guide to setting up a framed party tent. If you plan to install your party tent on a concrete surface, see our downloadable guide to tent installation on concrete, including descriptions of recommended tools and anchors to use for successful event tent setups.