Our commercial sealed inflatable air frame games from Pogo Bounce House are inexpensively priced carnival-style games that you can customize for any client - or just to change the look and challenge from day to day. Once inflated, you don't have to keep pumping air into the inflatable vinyl frames to keep your colorful midway game upright for days at a time.

Interchangeable Games at Bargain Prices

The ball-toss game frames stand more than 5 ft. high when set up flat on the ground or staked. The game panels are flat, sturdy canvas panels that attach by hook-and-loop fixtures to the frame. Buy a frame with a game, or just the frame.

We have dozens of choices in ball-toss games with soft game balls and anchors included. Choose mermaid or sports themes. Change your game panels by season with our Decorate the Tree Christmas-theme panels and fall holiday ball-toss games with or without frames.

Choose a sealed air inflatable football ball-toss framed game, or a fun canvas Fetch Rex air frame game panel (with or without frame included). We have Last Ninja games, Mermaid Treasure Games and Princess Ponies games.

Buy a complete Shark Bite game with the air-inflated frame, or a Shark Bite air frame panel to switch out with an existing panel on your sealed air interactive fame game. Our Clown Toss air frame game has seven holes at the center of seven colorful clown faces to score points. We have Dog House air sealed air games with frames, and Flipping Flapjacks ball-toss game panels.

Portable Play on Sturdy Bases

Our sealed inflatable games are lightweight, portable games that come with soft foam throwing balls. Or, use bean bags. Inflate the frame once, and your frame stays inflated for days.

Position them outside, or place them inside a gym for a school or community center event. Each game includes four anchor stakes to secure your game to the ground on windy days.

When the event ends, you can fold and pack into a wheeled carrying case that comes with your game. Setup is a one-person job that can be completed in minutes.

When set up, the game is 6-ft. 8-in. long by 6-ft. 8-in. wide by 5-ft. 6-in. high. in size. Each sealed air frame game includes the game panel, hand air pump, six soft foam game balls, four stakes, a patch kit and sturdy storage bag. We also sell replacement frames.