Misting Hoses

Misting Hoses for Inflatable Bounce Houses, Water Slides & More!


Our inexpensively priced misting hoses for bounce houses, water slides and other water-theme inflatables from Pogo Bounce House will keep your backyard splash zones wet and lively. Simply remove and replace your misting hose with one of our bounce house water hoses or water slide replacement hoses.

Water Hoses and Sprinklers in All Popular Sizes

We have sprinkler hoses with double sprinkler heads compatible with our Pogo Bounce House trademarked Crossover Dual Lane Bounce House Slide combos with attached water slides.

Choose a 4-ft. misting hose for a backyard inflatable water slide, or a 20-ft. misting hose for a commercial water slide or inflatable commercial slip-and-slide attraction.

We also have 4-ft. water hose extensions for our water inflatables. Our 13-ft. 6-in. single sprinkler head will fit our smaller residential-use water slide combos. Or, choose a 27-ft. hose with 8-ft. 9-in. long double sprinkler heads for your bounce house/water slide combo inflatables.

Best Replacement Hoses

Our large selection makes it easy to replace a misting hose for your backyard water slides, slip-and-slide rides or bounce houses with wet/dry water slides.

With our 20-ft. misting hose with two sprinkler heads, you can use one ordinary garden hose to connect the hose and both sprinkler heads. Nylon hook fasteners allow you to position the water where you want it to flow during backyard play. These misting hoses are made from commercial-quality PVC material.

Repair a rip or tear in your backyard inflatable with one of our all-in-one repair patch kits. We're your source for carry bags, extra tarps and other accessories for your inflatables.