Misting Hoses

Misting Hoses for Inflatable Bounce Houses, Water Slides & More!

Efficient and Effective: PBH's Misting Hoses Are a Must-Have for Summer Events

Upgrade your backyard fun with Pogo Bounce House's budget-friendly misting hoses, including the water hose mister, misting hose attachment, and misting hose nozzle, all tailored for bounce houses, water slides, and other water-themed inflatables. Transform your backyard into a lively splash zone effortlessly by swapping out your current hose for our top-notch misting hoses.

Our inventory boasts a variety of water hoses and sprinklers, catering to all popular sizes and needs. For instance, our sprinkler hoses come equipped with double sprinkler heads, perfectly compatible with our exclusive Crossover Dual Lane Bounce House Slide combos featuring attached water slides.

Whether you're outfitting a backyard inflatable water slide or a commercial-scale inflatable, we've got you covered. Opt for a compact 4-ft. misting hose for smaller setups or go big with a 20-ft. variant for larger ventures like commercial water slides or inflatable slip-and-slide attractions. We even offer 4-ft. water mist hose extensions for our water inflatables.

Finding the best replacement water hoses has never been easier. Our extensive range ensures a hassle-free swap for your backyard water slides, slip-and-slide rides, or bounce houses featuring wet/dry water slides. Consider our 20-ft. misting hose with dual sprinkler heads, engineered for easy connection using a standard garden hose. Thanks to nylon hook fasteners, you can effortlessly direct the water flow to enhance your backyard play experience. Crafted from durable PVC material, these water misting hoses guarantee commercial-grade quality and longevity.

For added convenience, explore our all-in-one repair patch kits, ideal for patching up any rips or tears in your backyard inflatables. Plus, we offer a range of accessories including carry bags and extra tarps, ensuring you're fully equipped for endless hours of outdoor excitement./p>

Upturn your backyard adventures with Pogo Bounce House's water misting hoses and accessories, designed to maximize your aquatic fun while keeping costs down.