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Inflatable Bounce House Accessories

Inflatable Bounce House Accessories — Find a Hand Truck, Stakes, or Something Else!

When you get a consumer or commercial inflatable with Pogo, we try to provide you with all the bounce house supplies you need to get going right out of the gate. But stakes sometimes go missing. Ratchet straps can wear down over time. And your bounce house or inflatable water slide might endure rowdier play that results in punctures or tears.

But don’t fret! Pogo offers everything you need to get your inflatables back up and running. From a new set of stakes to a Speedy Stitcher to replacement air movers to an epic commercial grade hand truck, we’ve got the parts and accessories you need to stay operational. We provide accessories for both our dry inflatables and inflatable water slides to cover all your bases.

Call our commercial inflatables experts at 1-888-673-4273 and we’ll be happy to help you find the replacement parts, dollies and hand trucks, replacement game pieces, repair kits, or other inflatable bounce house accessories you need!