Inflatable Accessories

Save on our Inflatable Accessories for Sale

Find the bounce house accessories you need for your inflatables rental business or residential backyard bounce house at Pogo Bounce House. Add new panels to change the theme of your residential-use inflatable bouncer, or purchase a powerful commercial-grade air blower for your community fair inflatable attraction.

Inflatables Accessories

We have replacement misting hoses for use with backyard bounce houses, water slides and other residential-use inflatables. Our Big Herc hand truck for commercial inflatables has a powerful 950-watt direct-drive electric motor and a 39 amp/hour rechargeable battery pack. Haul up to 950 lbs. with this electric-powered inflatables hand truck.

Our Monster Mover hand truck dolly has a 1,200-lb. load capacity and a 30-ft. by 30-ft. base plate to haul those supersized commercial inflatables. Also use our Monster Mover to transport furniture, construction materials and other big items.

Change the theme of your Crossover backyard bounce house with an attachable modular art panel. Use our Zoom Blower Deflater Tube to rapidly deflate your commercial or residential inflatable. The Miracle Super Slide Soaker can attach to any secure area over your inflatable water slide using zip strips. Attach to a garden hose to transform your dry slide into a wet slide with extra splash power.

Multi-Purpose Accessories

Our multipurpose Zoom floor dryers are popular buys for business or home use. These ETL safety listed electrical floor dryers have high-power motors with grills designed to keep debris out of the fan. Use Zoom centrifugal floor dryers inside or outside. Each comes with a 15-ft. power cord.

We have inexpensive ground tie-down straps with D rings and sturdy bungee cords. Our Stitch-All brand sewing awl allows you to sew heavy materials by hand, making this handy tool a favorite among crafters, boaters and outdoors-use customers. Spend less for our ground tarps and multi-purpose Moose Supply carry bags.