Inflatable Slides & Water Slides

#1 Commercial Inflatable Slides & Inflatable Water Slides for Sale

The best commercial inflatable water slides are at Pogo Bounce House. We make it easy for you to get all the premium-quality rental business water slides you need, with or without bouncy houses attached. Choose one or more water slide inflatables to fit your budget and client rental requirements.

We have single-feature commercial rental water slides for sale, as well as combo commercial bounce houses with attached water slides and splash pools. If you want the most popular styles for special event water slide inflatables, we have them in stock and ready to ship to your business.

Best Inflatable Water Slide Features

There's a reason we're the No. 1 source for commercial inflatable water slides. Our versatile, premium-grade water slides can be set up for wet or dry sliding. Our Pogo water slide inflatables are made with superior materials, and we offer best-in-industry guarantees.

Built-in misting systems make it easy for you to create a wet sliding and splashing experience using an ordinary garden hose. Use these commercial slide inflatables at fundraisers, festivals, community fairs or school events. Many rental businesses also keep them in stock to add extra fun to big private parties.

Our 12-foot-tall Rainbow Double Bay Wet/Dry Inflatable Slide has two sliding lanes to double the number of children sliding down this attraction at the same time. Each easily inflated slide has its own splash pool at the bottom. On cooler-weather days, you can use it as a dry slide, and fill the bottom landing pools with soft, cushy balls for ball pit fun. The length of this reinforced slide is 23 feet.

Commercial Water Slide Favorites

Customers praise the extra features on our 21-foot-high Wild Rapids Inflatable Water Slide. Our water rapids inflatable slides are crafted with inflatable fallen tree trunks, faux "rocks" and 43 feet of "rapids." Kids land with a happy splash in the wet pool at the bottom.

Or, consider our two-lane Tidal Wave Marble Wet/Dry Inflatable Slide. This 15-foot-tall slide is designed with bright blues and whites to look like you're sliding from the foam top along the waves to the splash-landing pool. For a ride with twists and curves, consider our two-lane curved slide attraction with air blower included.

Safety First, Of Course

When you buy a commercial inflatable water slide for your rental business or event company from Pogo Bounce House, you're benefiting from advanced technology and expert workmanship to help ensure the inflatables are used safely.

In addition to using heavy-duty 15-ounce vinyl, we employ our trademarked No-Jump Top design, which discourages children from standing or jumping from the top of the attraction. This design ensures children are safely seated before they can slide from top to bottom.

All seams on our commercial-use bouncers are reinforced with three layers of thread and have been double- or quadruple-stitched to prevent water from seeping into or out of the unit. Our built-in ladders are made with non-slip material.

The splash pools at the bottom have special drains to prevent the pools from being overfilled. Each of our commercial inflatables carries a one-year limited manufacturer's warranty.

Pogo Bounce House inflatable water slides comply with ASTM, CPSC and fire-safety guidelines. They use commercial-grade webbing, comply with the Lead-Free Toys Act and are phthalate-free.