Bounce House Stakes and Tie Downs for Safety-First Anchoring

Stakes, ratchet straps, and other tie downs play a critical role in safely anchoring your commercial inflatables, including bounce houses and inflatable water slides. Pogo prioritizes child safety above all else, so we only sell bounce house stakes and tie downs that we’d use on equipment our own children were going to occupy.

We sell heavy duty commercial grade steel tent stakes and hefty professional ratchet straps, plus pro-grade sledge hammers for driving said stakes. When you want to ensure your commercial inflatables and crossover inflatables are secure and will not blow away, Pogo sells only the best!

Give our commercial inflatable experts a call at 1-888-673-4273 and let us help you find the best bounce house stakes and tie downs for your equipment, ensuring everyone is having a safe and fun time.