Inflatable Dollies & Movers

Commercial Inflatable Dollies, Movers & Bounce House Hand Trucks for Sale


Move your commercial bounce houses and other inflatables with our sturdy dollies and hand trucks from Pogo Bounce House. Order a bounce house dolly for a standard-sized bouncer or a mega mover bounce house hand truck. We have water slide dollies, and hand trucks for your commercial inflatable midway rides and games.

Bounce House Hand Trucks

Our Big Herc hand truck for commercial inflatables has a 950-watt direct-drive electric motor and a 39 amp/hour rechargeable battery pack. Haul inflatable bounce houses or games weighting up to 950 lbs. with this electric-powered inflatables hand truck.

Our Monster Mover hand truck dolly has a 1,200-lb. load capacity and a 30-ft. by 30-ft. base plate to haul those supersized commercial inflatables. This is the hand truck you want to use for those combo bounce houses with attached water slides, splash pools and ball pits. Also use our Monster Mover to transport furniture, construction materials and other big items.

Dollies for Commercial Inflatables

We have heavy-duty trailer dollies with 2-in. ball hitches. Buy electric-powered hand trucks, and fork truck attachments for electric-powered hand trucks.

The Mantis Mover heavy-duty dolly for inflatables is a hand truck dolly that can lift up to 750 lbs. Rental companies rely on these two-fork Mantis Mover dollies to lift and move commercial inflatables, portable toilets, furniture and other big items.

Aluminum fenders on this all-steel hand truck dolly prevents whatever you're moving from rubbing up against the dolly's four closed-cell tires. A metal back guard is built onto the frame. For even bigger loads, the Multi-Mover hand truck dolly has a maximum load capacity of 1,000 lbs.