Competitive Inflatable Games

Our commercial inflatable games from Pogo Bounce House are available at a variety of price ranges to add to your rental inventory of commercial-duty games for fairs, festivals and more. These colorful carnival-style inflatable games also are purchased by community centers and schools to have on hand for special events.

Games for Four

Our 4-in-1 Inflatable Interactive Sports Game is designed to allow four players to compete side by side simultaneously. Using game balls that you provide, players can shoot a basketball, throw a touchdown pass, kick a soccer ball through a goal, or aim a baseball at the strike zone printed on each lane of this inflatable. All competitive game inflatables come with a powerful air blower to keep your game fully inflated day and night.

Six-Player Games

Up to six players can compete for the win with the X-Treme Twister Inflatable Interactive Game. Instead of a spinner, players use inflated dice to decide which color dot to place a hand or foot on the giant 13-ft. by 13-ft. inflatable "game board."

Add this colorful, kid-safe attraction to your rental fleet for carnivals, school fairs or summer camp use. This competitive game inflatable is sturdy enough for kids and grownups

Games for Two

See our two-competitor inflatable games. Our Inflatable Boxing Ring comes with a pair of giant inflatable boxing gloves for two-player sparring. Protective headgear is included.

Our Mini Hoop Shot Inflatable Basketball Game is made for one-on-one basketball play for kids or adults. The bright colors will attract would-be competitors to wait for their turn at the hoop.

Built for Safety, Built to Last

All commercial-grade inflatables from Pogo Bounce House use 15-oz. PVC vinyl, and additional vinyl patches are sewn in at all stress points to create a stronger, longer lasting commercial inflatable.

Weight limits listed within each product description advise on a safe number of children and/or adults to play each game. Each game includes a powerful 1HP heavy-duty commercial blower. Finger-safe netting is used to prevent small fingers becoming tangled in the webbing.

All materials are phthalate-free, and all comply with the Lead Free Toys Act. All commercial inflatables meet or exceed NFPA 701 and CPAI 84 fire codes.