Inflatable Air Blowers & Movers

Commercial Inflatable Air Blowers & Movers for Sale

Get the commercial-quality air blowers you need for your inflatables at Pogo Bounce House. We carry top-of-the-line Zoom bounce house blowers, and we have motorized air blowers to inflate your water slides and other commercial inflatables.

Air Blowers for Inflatables

Our energy-efficient Zoom XLT bounce house blower is a 3-horsepower (3HP) 120-volt motor with air vent and blower that consumes 15 percent less power than similar models. The 6-in. by 6-in. air outlet and dual intake creates a larger airflow system, which means it will take you less time to inflate your commercial bounce house.

This motorized air blower has a lighted 15-ft. power cord and built-in carrying handle. For businesses that set up multiple bounce houses at once, these air blowers are stackable.

We have environmentally friendly Zoom MAX 1HP inflatable bounce house air blowers with thicker, longer-lasting housings than other blowers. All our Zoom blowers are designed to keep more air inside your inflatable over longer periods of time, which can reduce energy bills.

See our 1.5HP Cyclone inflatable bounce house and inflatable slide blower. For your Fly Guy inflatable tube man, we have 1/3HP air blower motors for 12-ft. tall waving tube men and 3/4HP motorized air blowers for 18-ft. tall inflatable tube men.

Floor Dryers

We're also your source for floor dryers. Our lightweight Centrifugal Flat Floor Dryer is designed to allow you to dry large areas faster and more efficiently than with other products. This sturdy floor dryer weighs just 27.5 lbs. We have Zoom 1/4HP compact flat floor dryers.

The Zoom 1/3HP Centrifugal Floor Dryer with carpet clamp, like our other motorized air dryers, are three-speed units. All are ETL safety-listed units.