Pogo has the Perfect Commercial Inflatable Game for You!

When a lot of people think of commercial grade inflatables, they likely think of the usual suspects, like bounce houses or an inflatable slide. But there’s really a whole world of exciting commercial inflatables out there just waiting for you to explore!

Sealed Air Frame Games

Offering fun for partygoers and event attendees of all ages, sealed air frame games provide carnival-like competitive and non-competitive interactive play that can keep customers engaged for hours. They can serve as additional revenue streams at some events, too!

Zorb Balls & Obstacle Courses

If you’ve never been inside a human hamster ball, “zorbing”—the act of using a zorb ball—might seem like a pretty wild experience. And … well … that’s pretty much exactly what it is!

Zorb balls can be used in all sorts of fun applications. Take it out on the pool to transform it into a water walking ball. Take it down a gentle slope or hill for one of the craziest rides of your life. Challenge yourself with a zorb ball obstacle course. Or get a second TPU or PVC zorb ball and play bumper ball with a friend!

An inflatable zorb ball will really put your party rental business on the map and give you a clearly defined edge over your competition!

Other Interactive Inflatable Games

The physical fun doesn’t end with zorb balls, either. We offer some of the most creative inflatable games on the planet.

Unleash your inner George Foreman with a fun inflatable boxing ring, with special gloves and headgear to prevent injuries. Get medieval on your friends and knock them off their pedestals, literally, with our fun joust arena. Leap skyward and cling to our velcro wall. Or enjoy a fun twist on a classic family game with inflatable twister!

The Pogo Promise

At Pogo, we understand that your party rental business prioritizes safety above all else, and safety is deeply integrated into everything we do here. The Pogo Promise ensures we do everything in our power to provide our commercial inflatables with the absolute highest level of safety possible. Our products feature full compliance with ASTM and CPSC guidelines, as well as total regulatory compliance with the Lead-Free Toys Act.

Call us today at 1-888-673-4273and speak with one of our talented commercial inflatables experts. We’d love to help you find the perfect sealed air frame game or other inflatable game for your party rental business needs!