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Why Choose TentandTable Inflatables

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This testing gives TentandTable a huge advantage in the inflatable industry, and enabled us to build a loyal following of rental operators that understand the importance of safety, quality, and affordability. Our commitment shows in every game we build.

Safety Walls:

In the course of distributing our rides, safety is the first obstacle we clear. The rides we distribute are all manufactured with high inflatable walls to protect riders and prevent any risk of falling out. While competitors may skip on this feature or simply design rides with walls that are not high enough for optimum protection, we take every step necessary to maximize safety.


The vinyl on the products we distribute are designed to be the strongest and supplest in the industry. The vinyl used on our products meets or exceeds all FR standards and is lead and PHT free.

Safety Netting:

The products we distribute are built using finger safe PVC netting (made specially so small fingers will not get stuck). All our sidewall netting is rated at 10,000 PSI and meets NFPA 701 stands for fire.


We only distribute products that are sewn with the finest quality thread from American and Efird. The world's foremost sewing thread.

Safety Steps:

All our products have entrance ramps with sidewalls to provide a safe entrance and exit to our games.

AntiJump Tubes and Netting for Slides:

Safe sliding practices are very important in the inflatable industry; all Tent and Tables distributes slides that are built with either no jump netting or no jump tubes or a combination of both to force rider to sit and slide. Taller slides have a no-stand platform at the top that forces riders to be seated at all times.

NonSlip Climbing Surfaces:

The water slides we distribute use a non-slip vinyl for climb mats and steps. This style of vinyl is proven to give a more stable climbing surface in wet conditions.

Gator Mouth Seams:

This seam is found at entrances and exits of the slides and at most places a middle wall is placed on a game. One of the most common repairs on any inflatable game is where the vinyl is sewn at a 90 degree angle to the game. This expansion seam moves the point of impact back several inches and virtually eliminates one of the most common repairs.

Heavy Duty Glue Strips and Spots:

This is the strongest seam; it is typically found on all out water slides it dramatically reduces the amount of water that will penetrate into a game. The products we distribute have a glue strip over each seam on all water landings and slide surfaces. This strip protects the threads and seam, and reduces the stress on that seam. Glue strips are also used on any entrance steps and seams that are deemed a high wear area. Glue spots are circular pieces of vinyl that are applied to areas where a gator mouth is not able to be used, but additional reinforcement are needed to protect a stress point.

Water Drains:

All of the water games we distribute have drains glued into the landing to keep water pooling to a minimum. Excessive water collection in an inflatable slide landing can create stress on the anchor points and internal construction of the game.

Integrate Water System:

The products we distribute have eliminated the need for additional soaker hoses on all our water products. No parts to loose or replace, just hook your garden hose to the water system that is permanently attached above the slide area and you are ready to go.

Multiple Deflation Zippers:

The games we distribute use several covered, zippered deflation flaps on each game to ensure a easy rolling process for each game. We also strive to only use YKK zipper products, the best in the industry.

Inflation Tubes:

The games we distribute are built with two inflation tubes. One tube is a traditional straight tube, and one tube exits at a 90 degree angle for use in tighter spaces.

Wear Pads:

Many of the games use a replaceable wear pad on areas that will have increased traffic from crawling or climbing. These panels, found on many areas of our obstacle courses and slides, reduce the stress on high wear areas of the game.

Game Bags:

All of the games we distribute arrive in a heavy duty storage bag. The side and bottom of the bag has a photograph of the game to help with identification in storage facilities. Integrated handles are sewn into the sides and bottom of the bag to assist in loading and unloading.

Safety Labels:

We make sure the first thing each customer sees upon entering a ride is our comprehensive safety labels. Our labels are designed to help prevent misuse, abuse and promote safety. These labels give the riders a heads up before entering the ride. We believe in safety from the first step.