7 Summer Bucket List Ideas for Kids

7 Summer Bucket List Ideas for Kids

As a parent, summer vacation is a cherished opportunity to make lifelong memories for your children. Yet, while they’re out of school, life does not stop for you – you likely still have work, bills, and other responsibilities to attend to that can make it difficult to meticulously plan every moment of your child’s summer.

We’ve compiled a list of seven must-do activities for your child’s summer bucket list that will leave them wishing summer would never end.

Gather And Paint Rocks

Crafting is a great way to spend summer’s rainy days, and your canvas can be found right in your backyard. Help your kids pick out some of their favorite rocks and stones from outside, then rinse any excess dirt and towel dry before you begin.

Inspire their creativity with various paints, glitter, googly eyes, and gems as they elevate nature’s beauty.


Build An Obstacle Course

Encourage competition and full-body fun with a backyard obstacle course. Ignite their imagination by having them design their own course with hula hoops, jump ropes, cones, and other existing outdoor toys, then let them make their own rules for play.

As a special treat and for the truly athletic child, consider an inflatable obstacle course to up the ante and challenge their skills. 

Visit A Beach

A beach day is a summer staple. Build sandcastles, splash in the waves, and don’t forget to apply sunscreen!


Invest In A Bounce House

We all relished going to a birthday party with a bounce house as children, and you can provide your children with countless hours of play when you purchase a bounce house for your home. 

Enjoy Backyard Camping

Complete with campfire stories and s'mores making, camping in your backyard is a perfect introduction to the joys of camping with the buffer of home nearby.


Bring The Waterpark Home

An inflatable water slide or slip-and-slide is a worthwhile addition to your backyard this summer, especially if your children love water activities.

Make A Summer Scrapbook

Document the memories you make throughout these dog days by starting a summer scrapbook. Utilize Polaroids, disposable cameras, stickers, and colorful Sharpies to recount every single detail for you to remember in the years to come.

Bring The Summer Fun To Your Backyard With Pogo Bounce House

With summer come longer days and a lot more fun, and we want to help you meet your party and recreation demands. Make memories that will last a lifetime when you utilize our party tents, inflatables, and essential accessories this summer. Explore our online store to start crossing items off your child’s summer bucket list today!



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