A Gift for Mom…Sort of!

A Gift for Mom…Sort of!

TikTok star Kayla Sullivan reported to the virtual world what her perfect Mother’s Day gift would be. It wasn’t chocolate, or flowers, or a new kitchen gadget. It was *drumroll please* a Pogo Bounce House!

You might be thinking to yourself, “hmm. A bounce house that my toddlers would use as a gift for me?! Sounds kind of backwards, doesn’t it?” We’re pulling inspiration from Kayla’s video to tell you why this is a perfect gift for you. Stay with us on this one!

Mother’s Day is an acclaimed holiday that pushes giving Mom that well-deserved time to relax one day a year. Well…we’re advocates for more than just one day of relaxation! All of our Pogo Backyard Kids bounce houses and slides are quick and easy to set up. Once that’s complete, step aside and let our bounce houses and slides entertain your toddlers for hours. Kids should be supervised at all times when using the inflatable, but there’s nothing stopping you from grabbing a chair, a glass of wine and a good book while hanging out in the sun nearby. 

Another Mother’s Day wish may be to get your kids to put down the tablet and play outside more or to stop jumping on the couch and instead channel that energy elsewhere. Nap time might not be a problem one or two hours later once they’ve tired themselves out bouncing. Look at that, a toy that lets your kiddos occupy themselves and drains their energy. 

Okay so maybe you can’t use the bounce house itself, but it can save the headache of trying to figure out a way to get your toddler off the couch and into the backyard without any fuss. Grab a Backyard Kids unit for them - we mean, you - today and pick up that book you’ve been waiting to read for over a year now. Happy Mother’s Day!

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