Bounce House Gift Idea List for Parents 2021

Bounce House Gift Idea List for Parents 2021

Best Bounce House Gift Idea for Little Kids

Dual Lane Bounce House Slide Combo with Pool

This rainbow-hued bounce house with double water slide makes my Bounce House Gift Idea List because it is perfect for families with little ones between the ages of two and six. Instead of arguing about who goes first, siblings and cousins can race each other down the double-lane slide.

crossover dual lane bounce house slide combo with pool attachment rainbow

Parents say that their favorite feature is the removable splash pool. When the weather cools off, you just detach the pool and stow it 'til next summer. Now your kiddos can bounce and slide safely into the Fall. The included safety mat and tarp ensure that children stay safe and the unit stays dry making your life as a parent that much easier.


Best Inflatable Slide Gift Idea for Bigger Kids

Rainbow Inflatable Water Slide

My niece and nephew are eight and nine years old, and this slide is their absolute favorite. The bold, gender-neutral color palette appeals to boys and girls of almost all ages. We designed this slide at an optimal height of twelve feet. That's tall enough to provide a thrilling splash, but not too tall for kids under ten. And did you know? You can also use this slide dry without any water.

12ft crossover rainbow water slide

Parents love this slide because there is safety mesh at the top of the slide that prevents rambunctious kiddos from jumping instead of sliding. Plus, your purchase includes a free safety mat and ground tarp. I live in an apartment with a pretty small yard. I love this slide (and inflatables in general) because, unlike traditional swing sets and backyard playgrounds, they are easy to move, take down, and store in the house or garage.


Best Obstacle Course Gift Idea for Teenagers

Black & Yellow Venom Inflatable Obstacle Course

I know. This one may sound like a lot of loot to spend on a Christmas gift for the kids, but hear me out. All the old holiday clichés are true when we're talking about this inflatable obstacle course:

It is a present the whole family will love. This commercial-grade obstacle course is tough enough to withstand competition from your entire family, even the adults. What teenager doesn't want to challenge mom and dad to an epic showdown!?

30 foot venom inflatable obstacle course with blower

It is the gift that keeps on giving. Your teens and pre-teens won't grow out of this "toy" overnight. Whether they're into American Ninja Warrior, Parkour, or the next TikTok challenge; they'll love the trendy yet timeless experience of running, crawling, climbing, and sliding through an obstacle course built for two.


Best Inflatable Combo Gift Idea for Li’l Princesses

Pink Double Slide Bounce House Wet/Dry Combo

We all have a Li'l Princess on our holiday gift list. She has a favorite Disney heroine (or maybe more than one), loves to dress up and play make-believe, and knows how to host a killer tea party. And she deserves a castle, but what's better than a castle? A bouncy castle with, not one, but two waterslides!  The slides can be used wet or dry so, whether she's splashing in her swimsuit or bouncing in her royal best, your princess will be having a ball. (Get it? A ball. Ha!)

crossover pink double slide bounce house wet dry combo

If you're like me you want gift shopping to be easy. That's why all of the crossover inflatable toys we've featured include air blower, ground stakes, storage bag, safety mat, and ground tarp. You'll feel good knowing that when you give a gift from Pogo, your Li'l Princess (or Prince) has everything they need to enjoy it immediately.


Best Inflatable Combo Gift Idea for Aspiring Athletes

Sports Double Slide Bounce House Wet/Dry Combo

Are all kids obsessed with sports and fitness, or just mine? I have two school-aged children who spend most days playing soccer and basketball, but sometimes they just want to cool off in some water. This sporty waterslide combo combines their two favorite things!

crossover sports double slide bounce house wet dry combo

Between the large bounce area and the two slides, this inflatable bounce house allows four to six children to play safely at once. This fosters the type of cooperative play that your little team players thrive on. And the included gym mat and poly tarp can double as indoor/outdoor training surfaces for your aspiring athletes. Now that's a win-win.


Best Bounce House Gift Idea for Beach Lovers

Tropical Bounce House Slide Combo with Pool

My best friend's kids could totally be described as beach bums. But in Buffalo, NY where we're from, we only get so many beach-worthy weather days. She's always looking for ways to bring the beach to her backyard. And this palm-pillared tropical clubhouse with waterslide and pool does just that. Too cool for water? You can fill the pool with play balls or ocean-themed plush toys, or detach the pool completely.

crossover tropical bounce house slide combo with wet pool attachment

So surprise your kids with a taste of the tropics this Christmas, and then invite the neighbors over for a luau. From attaching the blower and garden hose to laying out the included mat and tarp, setup is quick and easy. You'll be sipping Pina Coladas with the other parents in no time at all.


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