Hosting an Indoor Birthday Party with Inflatable Games

Hosting an Indoor Birthday Party with Inflatable Games

An Indoor Birthday Party Doesn’t Have to be Boring

The weather is getting cooler, but that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy exciting inflatable games indoors at a birthday party. In fact, you can even use a bounce house!

As someone with a December birthday who grew up in New York State, I’ll be the first person to tell you birthday parties in cold weather are a bummer. Every summertime birthday party I would attend as a kid was met with the stark reminder that all of this outdoor fun was out of reach for my own parties.

Each birthday party of my own took place indoors. There’d be pizza, music, video games, and board games, but those parties suffered from a general lethargy. My friends and I were outdoor kids. We wanted to be out running around and playing. But apart from the occasional snowball fight, it was always too cold and crummy to really enjoy the outdoors properly.

That’s not to say my birthdays were miserable, of course. We did have fun, and apart from having to postpone the party due to weather a few times, my parents always did everything in their power to ensure I had a memorable birthday party. But what I would’ve given to be born between June and September.

Of course, I’m a bit older. I was a child in the 80’s and 90’s. Bounce houses existed, but they weren’t mainstream, and almost no one had them at birthday parties back then. So I never had the option of setting up inflatable games indoors at a birthday party. And that would’ve made all the difference.

Spicing Up an Indoor Birthday Party with Inflatable Games

As I saw it, the big problem with having an indoor birthday party was the lack of physical activity. I was an energetic kid, bordering on rambunctious. I was constantly kicking soccer balls and throwing frisbees and biking everywhere. And back then, there wasn’t much you could do indoors to get you moving around like that.

Enter inflatable games. A fun sealed air game would’ve made a world of difference for me as a kid. Players gather around and toss balls or bean bags toward an inflatable game frame with a modular, changeable art panel. It’s physically active, it’s highly engaging, and it’s competitive … everything I would’ve wanted a birthday party game to be when I was a kid!

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A sealed air inflatable game can be safely set up in your living room in minutes. You can use them indoors or outside all year round. And if you eventually get bored with one panel, you can simply buy another one and easily swap it in, changing the entire game instantly. Best of all, inflatable games help kids develop hand-eye coordination, spatial recognition, and problem solving skills, all while enjoying a safe, fun, physical, social activity. 

Want something more involved? Depending on how much space you have, you can try bigger and better inflatable games too. Inflatable Twister is always a blast, as are more competitive physical inflatables like pedestal jousting or inflatable boxing. And sports fans can try their hand at Hoop Shot inflatable basketball or our epic 4-in-1 interactive sports game.

Yes, You Can Use a Bounce House at an Indoor Birthday Party!

Of course, as fun as all of these games are, there’s nothing quite like the excitement of a bounce house. Especially our awesome vinyl crossover inflatables. They’re the pinnacle of birthday party fun. And if your kid has a cold weather birthday like mine, chances are you think bounce houses are unfortunately out of reach for their parties. The good news? They’re not!

While most families can’t set up a bounce house in their living room, many do host birthday parties in rental halls and event spaces. You might rent a VW or Knights of Columbus hall. Perhaps you live in the sort of community where a school gymnasium is available to people in town. Or maybe you have access to some other heated indoor space large enough for a full bounce house to be set up safely.

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Most bounce houses and inflatable obstacle courses can be set up indoors. You just need to ensure you have enough clearance overhead and on all four sides, that the floor is clear of debris and tarped, and that the blowers aren’t posing any trip hazards to partygoers. If you can match all of those conditions, set up a bounce house indoors and let those winter kids enjoy the same exciting fun their summer-born friends know and love!

Give Pogo a call today at 716-566-5806 and let us help you strip the dull away from an indoor birthday party this winter. Whether you’re getting a few sealed air inflatable games to set up around the home or going all out with a classic birthday bounce house, we’ll help you find everything you need to make this birthday spectacular.

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