Here at Pogo Bounce House, we’re all about catering to kids of all ages and skill levels. And what do children love more than almost anything else? Gifts, of course! 

When it comes to toddlers and young kids, gift-giving is simple. They’re easily placated with a plastic set of keys or even the cardboard box your latest online purchase came in. Older kids have the capacity to tell you the gifts they’d appreciate. So, what about the age group between these two? 

We’re talking about toddlers. Children between ages 1-3 years old are some of the most hilarious, interesting, challenging people on the planet. Every day is something new with these little guys, which means you’ve got to keep them on their toes with the gifts you pick! 

We’ve got just what you need. You’ll be hard-pressed to find a kid who doesn’t go bananas over an inflatable bounce house, and we’ve got the 8 most perfect choices when it comes time to buy a birthday, Christmas, or “just because” gift for your little family member or friend.

The Bounce House Countdown

Check out these 8 great inflatable bounce houses!

1. Backyard Kids Rainbow Playhouse Inflatable Bounce House with Slide

This is great for a child who is still in the early stages of toddlerhood. The ball pit at the bottom of the short slide makes for a soft landing, and kids who are still getting the hang of their legs won’t be intimidated by steep ladders or big drop-offs. It’s also our best indoor bounce house for the home.

2. Backyard Kids Deluxe Inflatable Bounce House with Unicorn SlideIf you’ve got a little girl (or boy) in your life who just loves pink, we’ve got the perfect selection for you. They won’t believe their eyes when they see this bounce house getting blown up. Being met with a giant unicorn face down the slide will make their entire day! 

This bounce house includes a slide with some height, so it’s meant for young kids who have a bit more control over their body. The bounce house portion is perfect for kids who want to spend all day jumping around, and you can rest easy knowing that the place they’re jumping is safe and cushioned.

3. Backyard Kids Inflatable Water Slide with Splash Cannon and Pool

You know how challenging it can be to entertain your toddler on those never-ending summer days, so just imagine both you and your child’s excitement when receiving this inflatable water slide as a gift. 

The splash cannon at the end of the slides, along with a splash pool, is a refreshing and super-exciting way to keep your child coming back again and again.

4. Backyard Kids Rainbow Castle Inflatable Obstacle Course RaceOne of the many things we love about kiddos is the fact that their minds and bodies are constantly on the move. That’s why this obstacle course is the perfect gift - it keeps their brain working and their bodies going at top speed.

5. Backyard Kids Deluxe Fire Station Inflatable Bounce House with Slide

There’s no way around it. Toddlers love firefighters and firetrucks. Maybe it’s the bright red color, the loud noises, or the heroic job of saving lives. This inflatable bounce house takes advantage of that love and puts it to use in a fire station-themed inflatable. If your little boy or girl can’t get enough of firemen and fire engines, this is the perfect gift for them. 

6. Backyard Kids Sports Arena Inflatable Bounce House with Soccer Goal

Calling all sports fans! This inflatable bounce house will send your athletic toddler over the moon. Whether they’re a rising soccer star or a future NBA player, this bounce house will have them living out their heart’s desire. It includes a soccer goal, making it the perfect gift to encourage a little healthy competition between friends! 

7. Backyard Kids Deluxe 7-in-1 Circus Balloon Inflatable Bounce House with Slide

We can practically smell the popcorn and funnel cakes from here! There’s not much that this circus balloon-themed bounce house doesn’t have. Take a look inside to find a climbing wall, a bounce area, a ball pit, a slide, and more. With this inflatable in the backyard, a kiddo will surely feel like the ring leader at their home.

8. Backyard Kids Colorful Castle Inflatable Bounce House with Slide

Is there anything better than feeling like king of the castle? We think not. Let your toddler roam free in this inflatable, getting all of their sillies out in the bounce area and then flying down the slide. We can practically hear the excited giggles now.

The Perfect Gift for Toddlers

The toddler in your life is going to love the gift of inflatables - that’s something we can promise. Just remember, children should never bounce unattended or while carrying any hard or sharp objects. 

Happy bouncing!