Slip and Slides for Adults: Fun Ways to Beat the Summer Heat

Slip and Slides for Adults: Fun Ways to Beat the Summer Heat

Here at Pogo, we believe that people of all ages should be able to have fun, not just kids! And, during a summer party or just on a super hot day, what’s the most fun thing you can think of? A slip and slide, of course. 


In the past, slip and slides were meant only for kids. The lanes were pretty short, and they weren’t durable enough to withstand teens or adults using them. But times are changing, and now adult slip and slides are most definitely a thing - and we’ve got three amazing options to make your backyard the best in the neighborhood this summer. 


The Crossover Rainbow Slip and Slide


The Crossover Rainbow Slip and Slide is 25 feet long (that is most definitely enough space for an adult to get a running start and go flying), and it’s extremely easy to set up and use. All you have to do is connect the bladder misting system to your home garden hose! 


This slip and slide is five times stronger than cheap nylon inflatables, and it’s designed specifically for backyard, residential use. Just think of the amazing summer memories you’ll make with this amazing activity in your yard. People will be talking about your birthday/graduation party/family reunion for years! 


The best part is (well, one of the best parts) is that this slide will be delivered right to your door. You don’t have to worry about the hassle of transportation; we’ll take care of all the hard stuff.


35' Blue Marble Dual Lane Inflatable Slip n Slide with Blower - With Velcro


If you thought the Crossover Rainbow Slip and Slide was long, just wait until you get a look at the Blue Marble Dual Lane Inflatable Slip and Slide. This thing stretches to over 35 feet long, and all you have to do is add water. It comes in a beautiful blue color that looks great in your backyard (it doesn’t stick out and look tacky like cheap inflatables do), and it’s sturdy enough for people of all ages to use it. 


This adult slip and slide is so durable that it can also be used for festivals, fairs, fundraisers, summer camps, and church activities - with such a well-made and long-lasting slide, tons of people in your community will be able to get use out of it.


30' Blue Marble Inflatable Slip n Slide with Blower


Rest assured that the 30 foot Blue Marble Inflatable Slip and Slide will stay wet after hours of play, and that’s thanks to its built-in misting hose that comes with a super-easy setup. Much like the Dual Lane version, this slide can be set up for any and all types of summer events, not just backyard parties. If you want to create a summery backyard bash that your friends will be talking about all the way into the winter, invest in this slip and slide. 


It’s amazing that all you’ll need to set this party activity up is a garden hose. It feels like setup should be more complicated than that, but it’s truly not. It’s our goal to make everything as easy, straightforward, and fun with the products we offer at Pogo, and we think we did a pretty great job with this slide. 


Benefits of Adult Slip and Slides


Of course, the benefit that comes to mind first when you think of adult slip and slides is the fact that they’re fun. That’s the first benefit that comes to our minds, too! But did you know that there are plenty of other advantages to investing in an activity like this?


Check them out:

  • They’re affordable.

    • You might not be expecting the price tag on our slip and slides, but rest assured that they are much more affordable than other commercial options - all the while being made with higher-quality products. Plus, if you think about it, you’re making a worthy investment that will last for many years. Your money is well-spent, for sure. 
  • They’re safe. 
    • We know that play can get pretty rough on a slip and slide, even with adults. But don’t worry, you’re not going to suffer from any serious injuries if you bump a body part on a slip and slide. They’re made of commercial-grade vinyl with vinyl patches sewn in to prevent tears or other such damage. 
  • They’re great exercise. 
    • Is there anything better than having fun and exercising at the same time? Probably not. Slip and slides for adults are full of running, sliding, then sprinting back and doing it all over again. You’ll get your daily exercise without even realizing it. 


Your Slip and Slide Summer


This summer is the season for adult slip and slides, so don’t miss out. To learn more about the slip and slides that we offer at Pogo, get in touch with us today

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