How to Have a Spring Break Stay-cation With Your Kids

How to Have a Spring Break Stay-cation With Your Kids

For some families, spring break is for taking elaborate trips. Maybe that’s what you had in mind - that is, until you saw how fast the total cost of family vacations added up. We’re talking travel, food, transportation, hotels, and more. Beyond that, it can be stressful to travel with children, especially if they’re still little. 

Here’s a bit of comfort, though. Kids don’t need fancy trips and jaw-dropping experiences to make vacations memorable. Often, spending time with you at home, doing fun things, is more than enough. 

Staying at home and enjoying the break is what we call a ‘stay-cation,’ and there are plenty of ways to enjoy one with your family.


Enjoying Your Stay-cation

We’ve put together a diverse list of activities that you and your family can enjoy during your stay-cation. Check it out:


  • Plan a Movie Night

This is even more fun if you center the movie night around a certain theme. For example, if you’re going to watch Cinderella, have a tidying-up party, gather stuffed animals that fit the movie characters, and make a pumpkin treat to mirror the pumpkin-turned-carriage. This kid of night is even more fun if the kids pick the movie!


  • Check Out a Museum or Gallery

This is a great activity for a rainy day while you’re on spring break, especially if your kids are a little older (5 and up is a good threshold to keep in mind). Many museums and galleries also offer workshops for kids to keep their minds and hands busy!


  • Buy or Rent a Bounce House

If you have a toddler, one of the best bounce houses to invest in is the Backyard Kids Rainbow Playhouse Inflatable Bounce House with Slide. With a ball pit at the end of the slide, this fun little house can be set up either indoors or outdoors with the appropriate equipment (which is included in the package!). 

If your child is a little older, check out the Backyard Kids Deluxe 7-in-1 Circus Balloon Inflatable Bounce House with Slide. With its circus theme, this bounce house has everything your child needs to stay entertained for hours on end, getting their energy out during your stay-cation. 


  • Do A Family Project

Lay out a few choices that your children can choose from. Think along the lines of planting a garden, cleaning out the garage, fixing the broken playhouse, painting a room, organizing the attic, etc. Working together on something as a family will feel great, and you’ll all feel a sense of accomplishment once you finish. 


  • Build A Fort

There’s nothing better than fort-building when you’re a kid, and it’s especially fun when your parents join in. You can either use the couch, or take a few chairs from the dining room to create a cave that’s covered with blankets. 


  • Have a Video Game Party

The weather isn’t always beautiful during spring break, and sometimes the brain needs a chance to rest. While video games may come with their time limits, they are a great way for your family to bond, have fun, and problem-solve together as a unit.


  • Visit the Zoo or Aquarium

There’s no doubt that kids love the zoo and the aquarium. There’s so much to see, do, and learn there! Make a day of it and get the kids excited by looking up facts about their favorite wild animal or sea creatures before you go.  


  • Invite Friends Over 

When the weather is nice during spring break, your children will surely jump at the chance to invite their friends over for a day spent outside. And there’s no entertainment better for a children’s party than the Crossover Rainbow Bounce House with Blower, with its bright, rainbow aesthetics - your kids will be bouncing around in there with their friends for hours. 


  • Head to the Movies

Enjoy an afternoon at the movie theater with your kids by picking out a great matinee. Load up on snacks and get cozy in the theater for a day spent laughing with your favorite people. 


  • Host a Game Night

We know that you have a stash of games that haven’t seen the light of day for years, and now’s the time to drag them out. Check out your card games, board games, and other tabletop fun that you have stored away in the closet and make a night of it with your family - and friends, too, if they’re interested! Put out some good snacks and get the party going. 


  • Make Use of the Basement

The basement can be a great place for kids to play, and we’re especially partial to air frame games like this Hockey, Sealed Air Inflatable Frame Game and the Complete Football UltraLite Air Frame Game. It’s not every day that your kids see games like this, so they’ll surely keep them amused - and there’s no reason for parents not to join in on the fun, too. 


  • Spend Time Outside

There’s nothing like fresh air in your lungs to brighten the mood and make the day feel worthwhile. Get the family outside by going on a walk, taking a hike, or packing a picnic lunch to bring to your local park. Or, even better, consider exploring a place you’ve never been to and see what you can find. 


  • Swim at the Pool

Most communities have a local indoor pool (as outdoor pools typically aren’t open for the season yet during spring break). During spring break, support your local pool or head to an indoor water park! If all else fails, check with local hotels to find out their policy about swimming there without checking in. 

Or, if you want to make it a real adventure, check into your local hotel for a night and spend time in a new space. The kids can swim to their hearts’ content, and you can get out of the house for a bit. 

One more option: bring the waterpark fun to your backyard with a water slide - more specifically, the 12' Crossover Pink Inflatable Water Slide. This will bring huge smiles to your children’s faces and they’ll surely spend all day (or all week) making use of it. 


  • Try Something New

The ‘new’ thing could be anything, whether it’s baking an elaborate cake, riding a horse, checking out a ropes course, or zip lining. When families experience new things at the same time, it brings them together like nothing else. 


  • Learn About Your Town

Almost every town in the United States has an interesting history. Do some research about where you live and find some historical sites that are within driving distance. Pack a lunch, hop in the car, and visit a couple of them to enrich your minds. 


  • Camp Indoors

Even if you’re stuck inside, you can still make a campsite. Set up a tent in the basement (if you don’t have a tent, setting up sleeping bags on their own is fine!), include wild animal plushies, and tell stories by candlelight or with flashlights. Make s’mores in the microwave to top off the experience. 


Happy Spring Break!

There’s many ways to make a spring break stay-cation worth it for you and your kids. With our bounce houses, water slides, and cool ideas, you’re sure to have a great holiday! 

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