A New Year's Resolution For Your Whole Family: Improve Health And Wellness!

A New Year's Resolution For Your Whole Family: Improve Health And Wellness!

The new year is around the corner, which means that you and your family might have started brainstorming resolutions. 

Resolutions are a great way to make positive change, as striving for attainable goals and working together as a team bonds you and your loved ones even tighter together. 

But here’s the thing - we might feel super passionate about our resolutions in January, but come February and March, they’ve all but faded. That might not be the case for everyone, but we’re sure that most of you have experienced this resolution unenthusiasm at least once. 

We find that the problem with resolutions that die out quickly comes from the motivation behind them. Take the most common resolution, for example - losing weight. What is the motivation for most people behind making that the central focus of their year? Do they want to please societal standards and look a certain way, or do they want to improve the quality of their life? 

Improving the quality of life encompasses much more than weight. It involves health on a wider scale - physical health and mental health alike. 

Healthy Habits

Healthy habits start at home. That’s something we’ve all heard for years, but we’ve heard it for a reason - because it’s true! If you hold a balanced, well-rounded, realistic outlook for your New Year’s Resolution and are intentional about the motivation behind it, your children will follow your lead. 

Children are excellent observers so, whether your behaviors are positive or negative, it’s likely that they’ll pick up on them. Make the best of this quality and start implementing healthy habits where it counts the most - right at home. 

Instilling good habits in your children (and yourself, too!) is a great way to improve health and wellness. One of the best ways to make that wellness last all year, for the right reasons, is to invest in a bounce house. 

We know, that might sound a little ‘out of left field.’ But you’ll soon understand how a bounce house can encourage your 2023 New Year’s Resolution surrounding your family’s health and wellness. 

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The Power of Bouncing

Exercise is a major component of health and wellness. Many people know that being active is good for your body, but did you know that it’s just as beneficial for your mind?

Traditional exercise can get boring and tedious, especially for children. If they feel forced into something, some kids might just dig their heels in and refuse. That’s no fun! So, how do you encourage engagement? 

With a bounce house, of course. 

Here are some notable benefits of buying a bounce house and using it to improve your family’s health and wellness in the new year:

Physical Health

The running and jumping that occurs inside a bounce house is exercise that kids can’t get anywhere else! This aerobic motion stimulates the respiratory and the circulatory systems, which strengthens muscles and improves blood flow and circulation. The soft surface also helps improve balance and coordination. 

An inflatable obstacle course also improves children’s speed and reflexes as they figure out new ways to make it through to the end! 

Mental Health

When kids - and parents, too! - are bouncing around in a bounce house or making their way through an inflatable obstacle course, it’s impossible to feel down. In fact, the big smiles on everyone’s faces will be unmissable! 

Jumping around in a bounce house or making your way through an obstacle course improves your mood - not only because it’s a fun activity, but because of the way that exercise releases endorphins into your brain (the feel-good hormone) and serotonin, too. 

Social Health

While it can be done, bouncing isn’t often something that’s done alone. In most cases, it’s done with friends or members of the family! Our inflatables create an atmosphere that’s enticing for all ages - you’ll find even the most unexpected people wanting to join in on the fun. 

Camaraderie isn’t the only thing to be gained. As children jump and feel in-control of their bodies, they gain confidence and self-esteem, which only improves their relationship-building abilities down the line. 

Jumping as a family can bring your tight-knit group even closer. You’ll see what we mean as soon as you get in and start bouncing! 

Healthy at Home

It’s true that you can’t control every influence on your child or on your family as a whole. But, as a parent, you play a big part in creating a healthy foundation for your household - one that your children will depend on for their entire lives. 

There’s no time better than the first of the new year to get your resolution in gear. Check out the bounce houses and other inflatables that we have at Pogo and surprise your loved ones with a happy, healthy, exciting 2023! 

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