Where Can You Buy a Bounce House? A Quick Buying Guide

Where Can You Buy a Bounce House? A Quick Buying Guide

Looking for a Bounce House for Sale Can Be Confusing

Congratulations on deciding to buy a bounce house for your family! This is a decision that will bring joy to your kids and their friends for many years to come. Well, depending on which bounce house you choose, that is. And if you’re stuck on the question “where can I buy a bounce house?”, you’re not alone.

The inflatables market is pretty vast. Retail giants have cheap bounce houses for sale, while more specialized companies like ours have bigger, fancier models. And there aren’t many resources available that honestly walk you through your options

So where do you start? How do you find the best options, and where can you buy a bounce house without worrying about getting oversold or ripped off? Well fear not, confused parents … Pogo can help you find what you’re looking for!

Let’s walk you through the various tiers of bounce houses on the market, and show you a few options as examples, too. And by the end of this brief guide, you should have a better understanding of bounce houses and what you should be looking for.

The Three Tiers of Bounce Houses

First things first, you’ll want to understand the different tiers, or grades, of bounce houses. We wrote a whole guide on navigating the different tiers of bounce houses, and we highly recommend you read that first. But we’ll give you a brief nickel tour here, too.

How much does a bounce house cost? Let's take a look at crossover and commercial bouncers

The cheapest bounce houses are those aforementioned retail bouncers. You’ll find these in box stores and on some websites. They’re inexpensive, but the old adage of getting what you pay for certainly applies here. With extreme care you might get a retail bounce house out of a single summer alive, but probably not two.

That’s not to say retail bouncers aren’t valuable. If your kids are under six, retail bounce houses are a great way to get their feet in the door (and then into the air). And their affordability allows you to verify how often your kids will realistically use their bounce house, too.

Next up are vinyl crossover inflatables. We’re a little biased (we sell vinyl crossovers, after all), but these are a massive step up from retail bounce houses. They’re more expensive, but they’re also larger, more durable, and safer than their tiny retail cousins. 

If you take good care of it, a vinyl crossover will last your kids from age six through their teen years. Damage is easy to patch, and accessories and replacement parts are very affordable. 

Last but not least, commercial bounce houses are … well … they’re probably not what you’re looking for. Commercial bounce houses are designed for heavy use in party rental operations. They’re designed to hold up to daily use, getting loaded into and out of trucks and getting bounced on constantly. Unless you’re a rental operator or planning constant use, you can safely skip these.

What Are Your Family’s Needs?

That last bit about the different grades of inflatables was hopefully helpful and all, but don’t jump the gun and buy a bounce house just yet. We should also consider your family’s needs and think about what’s involved in owning a bounce house.

Apart from retail bounce houses, most inflatables are huge. They can weigh hundreds of pounds, requiring a dolly or hand truck (sold separately) to move them around. And cleaning your bounce house can be a pain at first, until you get the hang of it anyway.

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Setting up and taking down a bounce house are both two-person jobs, for sure. Little retail bouncers can be set up by just one person, but they’re not suitable for bigger kids. Anything big enough for kids six and over is going to need two people to safely get operational. So take your need for adult assistance into consideration.

You’ll also want to make sure you have someplace safe to store your bounce house when it isn’t in use, and this is especially important in regions with cold winters. You need to store your bounce house someplace clean, warm, and dry, like in a garage for instance.

You’ll also need to think about how often your kids will use their new bounce house, too. If you can only realistically see them use it once per summer, it might be a good idea to simply call a party rental operator in your town and ask about pricing. If you think they’ll use it three or four times in a summer, though, you’ll save money long term owning it yourself.

I know What I Want Now, so Where Can I Buy a Bounce House, Then?

If you’ve settled on a retail bounce house, you’ll find one at the big box store of your choice. Naturally, you’ll want to read product descriptions thoroughly and take online reviews into consideration. And remember, these bounce houses turn into a proverbial pumpkin once your kids get a little bit older. They’re generally unsafe for bigger kids to use.

If you’re interested in vinyl crossover inflatables, great news: you’re already here! We carry an awesome assortment of super fun crossover bounce houses, crafted with heavy duty high quality vinyl that’s close to what you’d find in a commercial inflatable. Best of all, our bounce houses ship for free, and include everything you need to set them up and start bouncing right away (apart from those aforementioned hand trucks, that is).

Our crossover bounce houses are jam packed with safety features. Finger safe ripstop windows, heavily reinforced high stress areas, emergency hatches, dual inflation tubes … we take safety very, very seriously. It’s deeply embedded into everything we do. If we wouldn’t let our own kids use a product, there’s no way we’d ever sell it to you.

Whatever style of bounce house you settle on, we’re confident you’re making a great decision. Bounce houses are loads of fun. They offer kids a plethora of health and fitness benefits, and encourage social interaction. Once you buy a bounce house, you’ll find yourself setting it constantly for your whole family to enjoy!

If you’re interested in buying a bounce house, give us a call at 716-566-5806. We’d love to help you find the perfect vinyl crossover for your family and answer whatever questions you might have. And be sure to check out Pogo’s blog for more useful articles that can help you decide which bouncer is best for you!

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