A Question Every Bounce House Owner Wants to Know: How Long do Bounce Houses Last?

Anyone considering buying a bounce house is naturally going to have a few questions. And one of the more popular ones we hear is about longevity. How long do bounce houses last? How much use will I get out of this bounce house?

There’s really no universal answer to this question. There are a lot of factors involved here, such as the quality of the bounce house—which of the three tiers of inflatables you have—how well it’s maintained, and more. But as a general rule, higher quality bounce houses taken care of properly will of course last longer.

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That link above will tell you all about the three tiers of inflatables. But if you don’t want to read a whole article, don’t worry … we’re going to talk about them briefly in a moment. We do suggest giving it a read anyway, so you have a better understanding of what these different tiers are and how exactly they’re different

A Brief Tour of the Three Tiers of Inflatables

The number one factor that determines bounce house longevity is the quality of that bounce house. The quality of the materials and the manufacturing process make all the difference. And the old adage that you get what you pay for definitely holds true with bounce houses, too.

Retail bounce houses are the lowest price, but also the lowest quality. You'll find them with bou. They cost peanuts, but extreme care and caution are necessary to keep one longer than one or two years, at best. They’re also best suited for younger kids and aren’t usable past a certain age.

Pogo carries an exclusive line of vinyl crossover inflatables. These are more affordable versions of the bigger commercial bounce houses we’ll discuss here in a minute. They’re crafted with professional grade vinyl, similar to the material you’d find in a proper commercial bounce house. They use a slightly lighter weight vinyl, to save you money without sacrificing quality. With care, these inflatables can last several years.

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Last but not least, commercial inflatables are big heavy duty items intended for use as bounce house rentals. If you’re renting a bounce house for a party, chances are it’s something in this class. For consumer use, a commercial bounce house will definitely last the longest. But they’re also larger, heavier, more cumbersome, and considerably more expensive.

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So How Long do Bounce Houses Last, Really?

Of course, the initial quality of your new bounce house is only one part of this equation. Ultimately, how long your bounce house lasts will boil down to:

  • How often you'll use the bounce
  • How many people are using the bounce house at once
  • Your bounce house storage practices
  • How frequently you clean your bounce house, and how you clean it
  • When and how you patch accidental damage to the bounce house, or how long you wait before fixing it

So let’s assume for a moment you do everything right. You buy a vinyl crossover inflatable, you keep it clean, you patch damage as quickly as possible, and you store it correctly. How long do bounce houses last when you follow every guideline?

A well cared for bounce house will last a rental company a good four to six years. And your family likely won't be setting it up as often or exposing your bounce house to such a wide range of conditions. So a family doing everything right so far as maintenance and care are concerned could keep their bounce house even longer.

How to Make Your Bounce House Last Longer

We keep talking about maintenance and care. What exactly do we mean by that? Well, bounce house owners should take the time to learn about their equipment and how best to use it. Here are a few quick tips that will ensure your bounce house lasts as long as possible. 

Also, please note the links in this next section, too. You may want to bookmark these and read them at your leisure. They’ll help you protect your bounce house and improve its longevity.

While all of this maintenance and care might look intimidating on paper, it’s all actually quite simple once you get the hang of it. You’ll only need to worry about these things when the bounce house is used. And with a little TLC, a crossover inflatable made with commercial grade vinyl should easily outlast any retail bounce house on the market.

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