Is It Worth It To Buy My Kids A Bounce House For Christmas?

Is It Worth It To Buy My Kids A Bounce House For Christmas?

The holiday season is quickly approaching, and if you have children, you’re probably already thinking about the perfect gift. There are many great things to consider, and you might be wondering - are bounce houses worth buying? 

Imagine the excitement on your child’s face as they come down the stairs on Christmas morning to be met with a giant bounce house! Their reaction is only one small payoff to something that will entertain them for weeks, months, and even years to come. 

We can confidently say that yes, bounce houses are most definitely a worthy Christmas gift. They are a wonderful investment for your children and your family as a whole, and we’ll go through a few reasons why later on in this article. 

Common Worries

People have reservations about bounce houses, and we understand. The reason why we don’t is because we’re so familiar with the industry - but if you’ve never owned a bounce house before, there are some things you might not know. 

First of all, many parents are worried about the setup and take-down process. They think that it will be so complicated that it will ruin the experience of a bounce house in general, but luckily, that is far from the truth. 

Setup is extremely easy. All it takes is the right amount of space and a blower, and you’ve got what you need. There’s no intensive labor at all. Just let the blower do the work and watch the bounce house come to life right in front of you. 

Take-down is just as simple, if not more so. And, when the bounce house is deflated, you’ll be surprised at how storable it is. Some of our bounce houses may take up a good amount of space when they’re inflated, but when they’re deflated, they can easily be tucked away in your garage or basement. 

While the benefits of a bounce house greatly outweigh the downfalls, we must remind parents that it’s essential to set up rules should you decide you invest in one of these bouncy wonders for your children. Sharp toys should never be allowed in the bounce house, shoes should never be worn, and no more than the suggested number of children should bounce at one time. Adult supervision is a must, and if someone gets hurt, everyone comes out of the bounce house until the situation is remedied.

With ground rules in place, mishaps are less likely to occur, and you can rest assured that your kids will play safely and have all the fun in the world. 

More Benefits

If you thought we were finished with the benefits of a bounce house, think again! These types of toys have grown in popularity over the last few years, and people are really seeing what all the buzz is about. We’re here to spread the good word even further and let you know just what a bounce house can do for your home and your family. 

Setup is easy.

We talked about this one, but it’s a point that we want to hammer home because people think this is the most difficult thing about owning a bounce house, and it’s not. The most difficult aspect of a bounce house is getting your kids to stop bouncing! All you need for setup is an outlet and the right amount of space, and you’re good to go. 

They can be used for all sorts of events. 

Bounce houses and bounce castles are very versatile. So, if you’re wondering, are bounce castles worth it? The answer is yes! They can be inflated easily for a child’s birthday party, and all of the guests will be talking about that occasion for months to come. 

Imagine the Crossover Pink Smiley Face Castle Inflatable Bounce House at a party. The guests will never want to leave!

And that’s not all. Since bounce houses are so easy to pack up and transport, you could even take it with you on a camping trip if you’re worried about the kids not being adequately entertained. It’s great fun on a daytime picnic, too. 

Bouncy castles are great for a regular old playdate, too. And for barbecues! If you want to actually get some adult conversation in, a bounce house placed a few feet away can make sure that will happen. 

Check out one of our favorite backyard bounce houses, Backyard Kids Unicorn Inflatable Bounce House with Slide. It has a bouncing area, a ball pit, and don’t forget the super fun design. Kids won’t be able to resist jumping in here!

They encourage healthy kids. 

Kids love to play - it’s ingrained in their DNA. But not every game is good for them, as parents very well know. With bounce houses, you don’t have to worry about your kids finding their way into trouble or staring at a screen all day. 

A bounce house will strengthen your child’s muscles, give them a chance to burn energy, and teach them how to play safely in a structure amidst their peers. They’re having huge amounts of fun in a safe and padded environment, so you won’t have to worry about harm or injury as long as you keep an eye on things and discourage rough horseplay. 

They’re exhausting! 

We promise, this is a good thing! Children need to be tired out at the end of the day, and bounce houses can make sure that happens. It’s not always easy to think up fun and creative things for your kids to do, especially during school breaks, and a bounce house puts an end to their boredom and works out all of their energy. 

A bored child is an unhappy child, so one that is tired out from bouncing to their heart’s content is sure to be happy. Bounce houses are designed specifically to keep your kids moving, bouncing, jumping, and having fun in general. They encourage playtime and silliness, and all of that put together drains the energy of even the most high-activity child. 

And, even better, if you invest in a bounce house that works well outdoors like the Backyard Kids Rainbow Castle Inflatable Obstacle Course Race, that’s a great reason for your kids to get out and soak up the sun! 

Parents get some free time, too. 

Setup and take-down don’t take very long, and the time in between those processes is time that your children will spend entertaining themselves. While we know that you love your kids, sometimes it can be beneficial for both of you to take some space. Then, when it’s time to come back together, you’re refreshed and ready to continue (or end) the day on a high note. 

With the bounce house in your line of sight, you can get some household chores done, read a book, or simply relax and take a load off. A bounce house is a great alternative for a TV screen when parents need a little downtime. 

The Bounce Life

With Christmas just weeks away, there’s no time like the present to check out the wide array of bounce houses we have (check out this page for ages 2-6 and this page for older kids) to see what suits your family best. We can’t wait to see what you choose! Don't forget to tag us on social media (Facebook, Instagram, or TikTok) if you post pictures of your family enjoying their new inflatable!

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